3 Reasons to Hire a Kitchen Designer for Your Renovation Project

Can there ever be a home without a kitchen? We all spend a substantial amount of time in the kitchen – cooking, dining, working, or simply socializing. In fact, a survey report suggests that an average person tends to spend almost 72 minutes of their life everyday in the kitchen, cooking their favorite meals. Calculate that and you’d realize that you’re spending almost three years of your life in the kitchen.

Unsurprisingly so, it makes sense that the kitchen is the most popular part of the home to be renovated. Clearly, that is where we feed our souls. However, where most people often go wrong is in estimating the size of the project, thus tending to go over budget. A kitchen renovation task doesn’t come easy, and hence should not be dealt like another minor renovation along the way.

You must first have your requirements in mind and decide on a conservative budget you’re willing to put into your dream kitchen. Remember that kitchen renovation is not just deciding colors and appliances. You need to plan a layout keeping in mind your present electric and plumbing configurations. You also need to have a clear idea of the types of fittings needs and from where to source the material. It often makes sense to have a certified kitchen designer visit and design the kitchen for you before you start the project. It may seem like a useless added expenditure at first, but at nearly four percent of your total kitchen budget, their services are an investment you make that reap high returns.

Their expertise is likely to save you much more money and time while the outcome will be made to suit your choice. In fact, you’d receive a kitchen designer both according to your requirements, as well as their idea of functionality. Hence hiring a kitchen designer actually makes financial sense.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why hiring a kitchen designer is the best choice to make:

Reduce Stress

Having any part of your home renovated include multiple layers of work, from sourcing from vendors to getting installations done. You also have to be their to keep a watch over the progress as well as solve any problems as may arise along the project. Chances are you’d also be working full time on your business or job besides managing family. All this can often be toll taking on you, and may also cause delay in the completion of your project.

However, hiring a professional kitchen designer will help alleviate your stress and also prevent any costly mistakes. These professionals are aware of the nuances of construction and will handle any problems that the installers may run into. They may also have their sources to get the work done so that you do not have to search for the various vendors.

Save Money

You can tell the kitchen designer your budget and they’d show you the alternatives of the materials you intended to put to suit your budget. Also, they’d help you decide on something that lasts longer, be it cabinetry, countertop, or appliances. Their contacts may help you score bargains and their expertise will help you avoid errors that need to be repaired later. Hence expenditure on the kitchen designer is actually an investment for your kitchen.

Achieve Your Vision

The kitchen designer is experienced and trained to listen to clients and understand their needs and finally combine the clients’ choice of aesthetics with their own knowledge of construction and functionality, thus delivering to you’re a kitchen made to achieve your vision.

So, doesn’t it now make sense to hire a kitchen designer and have your investment yield to you a kitchen of your dreams?


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