4 Great Tips to Pick the Right Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Those who have a basement in their homes understand the complications that one has to face every now then – the musty smell, the damp walls, leaking pipelines, and infestation of the mold, to name a few!

With people residing in cold or rainy regions, the problem of water issues is the most common. These problems cannot be given a blind eye and be postponed for the future. They need immediate fixing or else can cause more loss than you may ever expect.

While many people consider saving costs by going the DIY route, others may believe in a professional contractor’s expertise more. The idea of getting expert advice is always better because an average individual doesn’t possess the desired skills and knowledge to handle the problems efficiently.

Moreover, for those who have had any wet basement problems in the past or facing leakage issues currently, getting your basement waterproofed from a professional basement waterproofing contractor is a good-to-go remedy.

Here are a few things to consider while hiring a contractor for your basement –

Reviews and Ratings

Word of mouth is highly effective in finding the right basement waterproofing contractor for your home. Nobody can give a better insight into a contractor’s performance than a past client. A successful service provider will have ample references to take feedback from. Contacting these references and asking about their experiences would help you build trust and choose the same contractor for your project.

You can also search online for such service contractors operating in your city and see how well they are rated by their previous clients.

Expertise and Knowledge

For something as important as basement waterproofing, choosing a contractor possessing the right skills and knowledge is a must-have. You cannot rely on any contractor operating across the street and get your job done.

There are special materials and specific techniques that have to be applied to stop the water from seeping into your basement, which only the experienced technicians know. Their expertise makes them stand out from the rest of their counterparts and helps you prepare your basement in advance to withstand bad weather and other water problems in the future.

Site Visit

After shortlisting the contractors, you should request them to pay a visit to your basement and examine the problem’s actual root cause. This will also help have a detailed discussion about the project, its cost estimation, time span, and overall execution.

The site visit is important as there may be a huge difference between narrating your requirements over the call and actually witnessing the problem in reality. Moreover, an in-person meeting would help you in weighing the approach and sincerity of the contractor and help you to decide whether to go for it or not.

Credentials and Licenses

Another important thing to be taken into consideration while hiring any service provider is to ensure whether he/she is carrying out legitimate business operations or not. Choosing a contractor based solely low price factor is not a sensible take; a thorough background check is also required.

So, before making your final call make sure you verify the credentials and licenses of the contractor. The license indicates ethical business practices carried out by the contractor, and the credentials are proof that he/she has undergone formal training as well.

After selecting the contractor, obtain a written contract by your discussed terms and the cost estimations. Make sure you give it a proper reading and understand its content. Take the help of your lawyer, if required.