4 Leading Causes of a Flat Tire and How You Can Prevent it!

Many drivers experience this unfortunate situation at some point in their lives. Imagine leaving for office or a trip in your car, and after covering some distance, you experience a flat tire.

Sometimes a blowout can occur on the road late at night or in cold weather that causes more inconvenience; they often create circumstances that can seriously jeopardize a driver’s safety.

There is no guaranteed way to prevent flat tires, but an awareness of the underlying causes can help reduce the occurrence.

Sharp Objects-

One of the common reasons for flat tires is a puncture from a sharp object on the road, such as a piece of glass, screw, nail, industrial staple and other sharp debris.

How to Avoid- 

Avoid driving around areas that have debris, are construction zones, poorly-maintained roads and take the safer route. But if you are driving through a parking lot watch for garbage such as broken glass bottles left on the ground.

Wear and Tear-

Sharp objects do not always cause flat tires; the normal wear and tear that our tires go through is enough to make them go flat. With time, the tread on your tires will wear down due to normal driving, leaving them more susceptible to the daily hazards of driving and increasing their chances of going flat.

How to Avoid- 

It is normal that the tires of your vehicle will wear out with time, but by maintaining them, you can increase their longevity. Avoid sudden breaks, keep the tire pressure, avoid rash driving, get them aligned can help extend the life of your tires and help them prevent from going flat.

Failure of the Valve Stem-

Another common cause of a flat tire is a valve stem issue. What mainly a valve stem is? It is a tiny protrusion from the tire that you unscrew when you need to inflate it. A corroded, damaged, loose or dirt-clogged valve stem can cause air leaks.

If your tire has no signs of a puncture, check the valve stem to make sure it’s not leaking. A leaky and damaged valve stem can cause your vehicle’s tires to go flat.

How to Avoid- 

When you visit a local mechanic or a tire shop, ask them to inspect the state of the valve stem. If it has become polluted or too old, get it replaced by them.

Unexpected Damage due to Other Factors-

Alloy Wheel Leaks- Cars with aluminium wheels must be encouraged to check their tire pressure regularly.

Over-Pumped Tires- An over-pumped tire can create a critical pressure situation, often resulting in a blowout.

Separation of Tire and Rim- The separation usually occurs if you rub the wheel sharply against the sidewalk while parking or your tire pops a curb.

Heat- Tires are most likely to get flat in summers due to excessive heat. With the expansion of mercury, the air inside the tire rises and builds a pressure causing a blowout.

How to Avoid- A professional mechanic or a flat tire replacement company can treat the problems mentioned above.


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