4 Major Mistakes to be Avoided During a Home Renovation

Getting a makeover for your home can be exciting yet nerve-wracking. Whether you are renovating due to damages to certain parts of your house or for updating & redecorating it, there’s a lot more to consider other than the design aspects, hiring a renovation contractor being the most crucial decision.

However, there may be times when the renovation doesn’t turn up the way you wanted, becoming a nightmare for years to come. So, let us discuss some major mistakes an individual tends to commit throughout the process of home renovation and the ways to avoid them-

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Underestimating the budget

A renovation task typically involves more time and money than one can expect for. The older the home, the bigger the job would be. There would more walls and ceilings to be torn and more risk of encountering hidden problems demanding immediate attention. Even an expert contractor is not in a position to foresee such unexpected costs before the work begins.

So, it is always better to add 10-20% to the overall budget as calculated. The buffer percentage helps you in deciding whether you are in a financial position of spending that much or not. If your budget limits you and if your repairs can wait, then it is better to keep the remodeling on hold.


In the enthusiasm of upgrading the looks of the home, people often end up spending too much on wrong or unnecessary things. In the urge of glorifying their home, they invest in expensive interiors but forget to give due attention to a home’s long-term needs. An astute homeowner always balances out high expenses (like buying expensive kіtсhеn аррlіаnсеѕ оr bаthrооm fіxturеѕ) with more affordable items in the rest of the house. While listing down the renovation jobs to be varied out, just think about what will be most impactful to the buyers if you wish to sell your home in the near future.

Ignoring the most-used rooms

Kitchen and bathrooms make the most important parts of any house. These are in fact the most worn out areas of a home, which are usually overlooked by the owners. There may be a leaky roof, a wonky support beam, or a murky water spot in your basement, all demanding a thorough inspection and proper repairs. Remember- the kitchen and bathrooms are the important functional areas and should be kept up-to-date to add a great value to the house.

Avoiding professional help

Resorting to the DIY route for undertaking the repairs and not seeking the advice of a professional house renovation company is a recipe for disaster, landing you up with wasting your time and money. Having an expert’s assistance actually helps in streamlining the project and gives you the exact results as you have envisioned for your dream home. In addition, the professionals have strong networks with the vendors to make the process of buying fіxturеѕ and furniture affordable and hassle-free.


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