5 Advantages of Carrying a Mortgage

To purchase a home, most people rely on financing. But, some people have the requisite cash funds to make a cash deal. There might be several reasons how they can afford such a huge amount of money. They might have sold another property, or the property they are buying is relatively inexpensive, or they may have lots and lots of liquid assets.

While some experts may advise reducing debts, there are many forms of debts that are actually pretty advantageous, like a mortgage. Let us see in this article the five advantages of carrying a mortgage.

Opportunity Cost of Money

This is a very know term, and everybody has heard this term. Despite hearing this term, again and again, people either fail to realize the true meaning of the term or start feeling that this is not for them. It really doesn’t make sense to maintain your finances and invest them elsewhere to take out your mortgage. Especially, on the standpoint we are standing, where the mortgage rates are still in the vicinity of historic lows, why would you pay off your mortgage. Moreover, it makes more sense to diversify your portfolio to position yourself for a brighter financial future. Many factors constitute this decision, such as personal situation, expectation, age, and obviously future needs. However, it is important to keep in mind, “opportunity cost of money.”

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Cash Flow

Presently, if you are paying 5.0% as your mortgage rate, you are also actually paying quite a bit less due to the tax considerations, and you believe that you can invest and generate more from it. Doesn’t a mortgage makes sense?
Obviously, if you aren’t sure, you can always add additional paybacks to your monthly payment on a bulk or make a larger down payment at the start, and still, you can enjoy some of the benefits of mortgage Page Design Shop.

Tax Advantages

Since a mortgage is tax-deductible and has many advantages if you are a good tax-paying Samaritan, it costs a lot less than any other form of a loan. If you have a mortgage, cut your other debts to non-deductible, higher interests. Therefore, even if you are in a tax bracket of 30%, you are paying a 3.15% mortgage, where, on the contrary, your mortgage rate is 4.5%.


When you take a mortgage from any lending institution, they will charge you and make an escrow account for paying up the real estate insurance and taxes. You basically do not have to worry about the tax payment or the insurance because your escrow account will take care of it, and on the positive side, you will also receive a dividend from it.

You can Pre-Pay anytime.

People who take mortgages often ask, what mortgage period should they take, the 15 years or the 30 years. Experts say that people should always take the long term when it comes to mortgages. They should pay small monthly interests, and whenever they want, they can make principal payments.

If you plan to buy a new property, understand the mortgages and the options you have. Do whatever makes the most sense to you!

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