5 Essential Office Supplies That Constantly Need to be Restocked

Business owners take heed: to ensure that your office runs as smoothly as it can in its day-to-day operations, it’s essential that you keep office supplies restocked and refreshed as much as possible. Otherwise, your employees may find it difficult to do their daily tasks and chores, drastically affecting their productivity and your business’s bottom line.

With that said, some office supplies are more essential than others. So if you’re looking to save money or keep to a tight budget, it’s imperative that you prioritize these supplies above anything else. To help you with that, we’ve assembled a list that you can easily refer to the next time you’re out shopping for your office. Check it out below.

Printer ink cartridges

When it comes to essential office supplies that need restocking the most, printer ink cartridges are definitely at the very top. A lot of work-related tasks rely on printing after all, from receipts and reports to hiring contracts, official memos, and other important paperwork. As such, it’s always a good idea to make sure you always have a good amount of printer ink cartridges stored away for later use.

That’s easier said than done, however, as we all know how expensive printer ink cartridges can be, especially if you’re on a budget. As such, we recommend that you make use of compatible printer ink instead. Compatible printer ink cartridges are basically the same as the branded ones you get from office supply store shelves, except they’re just produced by a third party and sold as generic products. This makes them much cheaper to get, and thus more budget friendly.

One caveat when purchasing compatible printer ink is to only make sure that you buy from established and well-reviewed vendors. This way, you can ensure that the printer ink cartridges you’re buying is the highest quality.

Printer paper

Alongside printer ink, paper is also one of the most essential office supplies to stock up on. A paper shortage in the office could easily cause many business operations to grind to a halt, especially if they involve printed paperwork rather than digital documents. Prevent this by always ensuring that you have an adequate stock of printer paper in the supply closet. Besides this, you can take up certain practices to stretch your paper budget, such as buying from generic paper vendors or printing on both sides of each sheet rather than just one. You should also recycle used paper as scratch or note-taking paper.

Desk supplies

Desk supplies are those miscellaneous supplies that office workers use in their daily tasks and can’t go without. These include pens, highlighters, paperclips, scissors, tape, trash cans, and so on. It’s easy to take them for granted, but a lot of office work would be tough to carry out without them. Again, you can go generic with these supplies rather than branded if you’re looking to save.


Besides the work-related supplies, it’s important to keep a healthy stock of those that help your employees keep up personal hygiene as well. This includes hand soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, dishwashing soap, and so on. While you can save some money by having your employees bring their own toiletries, you run the risk of your office becoming an unhygienic place to be in, especially if some of your office workers simply decide to soldier on and ignore hygiene completely. There’s also the risk of employee satisfaction in your office dropping to an all-time low, especially if you have employees who stay in the office for long periods of time.

Cleaning supplies

A clean office is a productive office, and to keep it that way, you need an ample supply of cleaning supplies at all times. This is true even if you rely on a third party cleaning service to keep your business premises spic-and-span. More often than not, there will be events or emergencies in your office that needs to be resolved by you or your employees ASAP. Such emergencies could include food spills in the pantry, or a plumbing incident in the restrooms. So to ensure that your office is well-equipped to handle any kind of cleaning, ensure that mops, detergents and other cleaning supplies are stocked adequately


Keep these office supplies well-stocked and you can be sure that your office will remain a safe, hygienic, and productive place of business for you and your employees.

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