5 Essential Things to Consider When Revamping Your Bathroom

Spending on bathroom renovations is one such expense that should never be considered unnecessary. Even the smallest upgrade adds value to the home and adapts it to your current needs. So, no matter if you have a simple powder room or a master en suite, you should design the space in a fully functional, serene, and a bit luxurious way.

However, hundreds of decisions are made along the way – from mirror and vanity to flooring and caulking to achieve this goal. The budget range can be surprising, and the entire process may be challenging for the first-timers. That is why plenty of renovation experts are brooding up in the market to offer their knowledge and services to homeowners looking for a new look for their bathrooms.

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Remember, you can get a successful makeover only by bringing the changes that improve your bathroom’s practicality and comfort. Here are a few things that are worth incorporating into your space:

  1. Hidden tank toilets. They are an amazing and viable solution for smaller bathrooms. The water storage vessel of such toilets is mounted inside the wall, and the low-flow models help save water every time you flush. These toilets are often seen in commercial and modern decor that focuses on optimizing limited space.
  2. Textured tiles. There are many flooring options to choose from when renovating your bathroom. However, shower floors are the most slippery surfaces, and safety is important. Hence, install small textured tiles inside your shower enclosures and use extra grouting. Also, mix and match different patterns and colors to create an attractive visual impact.
  3. Thick and wide drain pipes. Plumbing pipes less in diameter or made of PVC plastic clog easily. Thus, replacing your old drain pipes with a 2+ inch pipe is suggested to improve the overall drainage quality in your bathroom and prevent the water supply lines from going through. The installation cost for both pipe sizes is the same but greatly affects your plumbing system.
  4. Statement bathtub. Many real estate professionals believe that a bathroom with a tub appeals more to prospective buyers than the one with just a shower. And if you are one of the individuals who love taking a bath frequently, consider adding a bathtub – a built-in or a freestanding, whatever suits your personal preference.
  5. Windows for ventilation. A good air passage is a must to keep your bathroom clean and smelling fresh. Humidity and human waste odors usually linger on in the space, and adding a window acts as a natural ventilator. The right window type brings in much-needed sunlight and keeps your bathroom free of mold and mildew.