5 Tips to Perfectly Clean Your Glass Patio Doors

Patio doors are stylish, elegant, and very visually appealing. These doors provide a great way for air ventilation and let your home welcome a lot of natural light throughout the year. A fabulously designed patio door attracts the visitors’ eye and provides a great view of outside surroundings.

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However, since the patio doors consist majorly of glass, it tends to collect a lot of dust and debris in its tracks leaving it an eye-sore for you and your guests. So, it gets important that you eliminate those smudges and stains to have sparkling clean doors.

Here are some amazing tips to help you clean your glass patio doors properly –

Prep up the area

The first step to start with your cleaning process is to remove all the loose dirt and dust built on the glass. You can do that by using a soft dusting microfiber cloth and wiping down the glass surface.

Make sure you dust-off the frame, hinges, doorknobs, and handles as well. Use old paint or toothbrushes to clear any build up in the corners or edges.

Cover the sill

It is important to protect the sill and edges before cleaning the glass surface with any liquid solution. The reason to do this is that while cleaning, the liquid solution drips inside the frame and the sill and can cause a lot of damage to your door.

Hence, make sure you place some old rags or newspaper on the sill, so it remains dry throughout your cleaning process.

Use the right kind of cleaning solution.

The type of cleaning solution decides the condition of your glass in the long run. Using cleaners that are ammonia or alcohol-based is not recommended. Instead, use a non-abrasive and mild cleaning solution to eliminate the stubborn stains on the glass that doesn’t leave behind any scratches.

You can also make a home-made cleaning solution that consists of equal amounts of vinegar and water mixed and store it in a spray bottle. This solution will be as effective as any other over the counter product available in the market and has an added advantage of being eco-friendly.

Clean the door frame and handle

The door handle and the frame are the hardware that gets touched a lot by everyone and picks up dirt and stains easily. When observed, you will also see a lot of dust accumulated on the top and bottom of the door frame, which should be wiped off regularly with a dust cloth from having a stronger build up. For stubborn marks, you can use warm and soapy water and a clean microfiber cloth.

Please give a little attention to the edges of the door and tend to get quite dirty while grabbing or pushing.

Attain smooth door sliding

While being engrossed in the door cleaning process, one forgets that patio doors need to have a smooth sliding to serve their desired functionality. That demands extra care and attention towards cleaning and lubricating the rollers from time to time to avoid friction between the panels.

You can use a Teflon-based product onto the track and any light machine oil (like sew-machine oil) for the rollers.

Cleaning the patio doors every few weeks is important to keep them looking at their best for years to come.