8 Simple Steps for Hiring Professional Movers

While residential or commercial moving sounds interesting and exciting, it is one of the tiring and cumbersome activities. With professional movers, you can make moving a pleasant and successful experience. However, finding a reliable and professional mover is yet another time-consuming task. But don’t you worry? Here are some simple and comprehensive steps to ease your efforts in locating professional home and office movers near you. Proceed further and glance through these simple steps.

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  1. Ask for Recommendations:

Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, or real estate agents for recommendations. Looking in the phonebook for moving companies in your area can be the other way to reach them. Avoid contacting a company that provides you with the estimates without looking at your closets.

Surfing the internet to find a moving company seems effortless, yet you should avoid visiting the web pages that offer to find you a mover. Instead, make some efforts and try to find the mover yourself to save you from possible frauds associated with these websites.

  1. Do a bit of Online Screening:

Before meeting with the list of recommended moving companies, you need to be very cautious and perform background checks. Check the online and customer advocacy sites to know the company’s reputation. A bit of online screening assures you the reliability and goodwill of the movers.

  1. Narrow Down the List to 3-4 Movers:

Before setting appointments and calling for in-home estimates, narrowing your referral list to 3 or 4 reliable movers is always better. In case you are moving to another state, enquire whether the moving company will provide a written binding contract or not to exceed binding estimates or not.

  1. Hold Appointments and Interviews:

When the mover arrives, make sure you show him everything that you want to move. Showing them all the things that need to be moved helps to set an accurate estimate for moving. Moreover, while the estimator is at your place, try to get as much information as possible about the services provided and the moving company’s business. Be particular in gathering information about the movers’ details, experience, and relevant customer referrals.

  1. Review and Collect the Estimates:

Ensure the estimates include the words- ” binding estimate on the top and the mover’s signature at the bottom. Please thoroughly review and understand the calculations to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings relating to the forecast and clarify them. Storing and reviewing the estimates regularly makes the movers perform their job diligently and honestly.

  1. Compare the Bids:

Compare the estimates of different movers and look for reasons for extra costs. With reasonable sound biddings, you can easily negotiate the prices with your moving company.

  1. Check the Insurance Certificates:

With ample information collected, it is time to go back online and research the company’s credentials. Check for the company’s insurance coverage and other licenses, and refine your list to the most appropriate movers.

  1. Check the History and Select the Mover:

After you have completed your research, feel confident while selecting a home and office mover. Call the company, confirm the details, and sign the agreement for a successful move.