Armored Cars Provide Highest Level of Protection in High Risk Situations

It goes without saying that most people who fantasize about armored cars form an image of the President’s car or preferably some high official’s car or Sport Utilities throughout the world that needs some serious protection from people who want to cause them harm. Armored cars are not easy on one’s pocket; the reason behind that is the vehicle requires to be stripped down to the frame to fit in the armor in areas such as the floor to guard underneath the vehicle against I.E.D.’s and grenades. Furthermore, the roof will also offer protection from rooftop shots. All side pillars and door hinges must be armor-plated to manage the steel’s extra weight, including the thick bullet-resistant glass in the doors. It has been more than a century; armored transport has been protecting those most vulnerable to attack. EXEC ARMOR had armored military vehicles for service members since the twentieth century.

Armored Cars Provide Highest Level of Protection in High Risk Situations 1

It is quite evident that when armies, police units, SWAT teams, banks, retailers, ambassadors, and high-profile politicians, entrepreneurs, and celebrities are looking for armored vehicles, they’re looking for the best and the safest quality available. This is the reason behind a majority of organizations and individuals from all over the world to pick EXEC ARMOR – the company which gives the best possible level of armored transport defense on the market today.

Cash-in-transit robberies are issues faced by many people around the globe. Security guards who are carrying the cash are at maximum risk of dying in the process. And the stolen cash is mainly utilized in funding the organized crime. This is another reason behind major organisations going in to hire a good and a reputed armor company that could provide them with their cash-in-transit vehicles – vans and trucks particularly armed to fight efforts at theft or take-over.

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There is another set of easy targets, and I am referring to the famous personality. They could be ambassadors, politicians, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, and there are reasons behind that. A way to keep themselves safe is by traveling by armored Sedans and SUVs with bulletproof glass and layers of armor inserted underneath the car’s outer skin. Hence, they are unnoticeably endangered in an armored vehicle that looks absolutely like any other vehicle on the road.

If you plan to get yourself an armored car, then contact Exec Armor. Exec Armor executives have over 20 years of armored vehicle manufacturing and design experience. The professional team of engineers, mechanics, certified welders (Canadian Welding Bureau certified), and automotive technicians make Exec Armour a global marketplace leader. With state of the art manufacturing facilities in Canada, the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, Exec Armour uses only the finest craftsmanship and dedicated resources for each vehicle conversion. Safety is our number one priority on every vehicle we make. We use only the best materials and the latest in armored luxury vehicle technology when making our cars. For more information, you may refer to the website