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Lotus Flower Tattoo: What You Should Know Before You Consider Getting One.

Many celebrities and sporting lotus flower tattoo. The reason is apparent; this type of tattoo is beautiful and sophisticated as well. Apart from the fact that it appears as amazing as body art, the lotus flower is a symbol for many things.

You will be surprised to know that lotus flower is linked to some old religions in the world. That reason alone explains why so many people in the world opt for this type of flower design when they decide to have a tattoo. See the weblink for more info.

  1. Lotus Tattoo Symbolic Meanings

As stated earlier, lotus flower tattoo has different meanings in different religions and cultures.

  1. Buddhism Culture

According to their religion, lotus symbolizes piousness and purity of the soul since the flower blossoms in muddy areas and maintains its purity. Similarly, there is meaning attached to each lotus flower colour. The red lotus flower symbolizes passion and love. It stands for the heart.

  1. Egyptian Culture

In Egyptian culture, lotus symbolizes the beginning of life and reincarnation, since the tales of their culture has it that the origin of life was typified by blooming of this mythical flower from the ocean.

  1. Chinese Culture

For Chinese, this flower is a representation of inspiration for artists and poets. Lotus is seen as a symbol of feminine attraction and shows marital harmony.

  1. Western Culture

Here, it represents a new beginning since it reflects spiritual conception. The lotus flower is also linked with the look for the true meaning of life.

  1. Lotus Flower Meaning As Attached To Its Colours

Lotus flowers exist in different colours, and each sends different message or meaning that is portrayed by the tattoos. In short, the lotus flower meaning can be derived from their individual colours. Here is a simple reflection of this.

  1. Blue Lotus.

Blue lotus symbolizes knowledge, intelligence and wisdom. Religion-wise, the blue lotus flower shows that an individual’s spiritual being is more powerful and has great control of the person compared to his/her physical senses. It also means that you can depend on your spiritual being to help you conquer the physical temptations.

  1. White Lotus

This one represents the person’s enlighten on mental and spiritual aspects. Anyone who wears a white lotus flower tattoo shows that is humble. This lotus also has something to do with purity and perfection.

  1. Red Lotus

Also referred to as “heart lotus” this one symbolizes love, compassion, and passion. You can see why it is referred to as “heart lotus.” To reveal your passionate nature, you should do a fully bloomed image.

  1. Purple Lotus

Most Buddhist people opt for purple lotus flower tattoo. The reason is that it is the sacred flower that is mostly used in Buddhism. They believe that it is the homage of the Buddhists gods.


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