Best Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment is the mechanical equipment used to move, store, control, and protect materials and goods through manufacturing, distribution, and consumption. Therefore, the material handling equipment includes various vehicles and appliances used in several situations. Thus, the material handling industry deals with equipment that helps move and store goods and products at multiple sites, including construction sites.

Material handling equipment can be classified into four types: transport, positioning, unit load formation, and storage.
Transport equipment moves material from one location to the next while positioning gear changes the product’s position at a single location. Transport equipment can include cranes, conveyor belts, and industrial trucks. Cranes are common on many construction sites and are used for lifting heavy objects like steel beams, concrete sections, and other materials to the upper floors of a high-rise building. The different types of cranes include all-terrain, truck-mounted, and lattice boom cranes.

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Industrial trucks are not licensed to travel on public roads and are used to move materials over different paths when a conveyor belt cannot be used. Production or dump trucks transport loose material, like sand or gravel, for construction. Dump trucks are normally equipped with a hydraulically operated open-box bed hinged at the rear, with the front being lifted to allow the contents to fall out on the ground. There are different kinds of dump trucks, including the transfer dump truck, semi-trailer end dump truck, and the standard dump truck.

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Unit load formation equipment restricts materials to remain safe during transportation and storage. This kind of equipment includes pallets, skids, and slip sheets. A pallet is a wooden platform with space to enable the insertion of forks to lift the platform. A slip sheet is a thick piece of fiber or plastic where the load is placed. This sheet has tabs that can be grabbed by a lift truck and are normally used to reduce the object’s weight and volume.
Storage equipment is used to hold the materials for a specific period. Each type of storage equipment design corresponds to particular objects and materials stored within.

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