Body Jewelry Sizes and Maintenance Tips

Before you move forward with getting a piercing, it is advisable to make a note of the size of the jewelry that will best suit your style and requirements. There are several size charts you could consult before settling down on a particular design.

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There are piercings that do not adhere to a particular standard size, as the ones you will see in the size charts, especially facial jewelry and cartilage jewelry. They can range from 14 to 18 gauge in size. In such a case, you can always rely on your piercer to assist you in determining the best size for your piercing.

Apart from the size, you must also choose a proper length for your jewelry. Having a particular size and length in mind will ensure that your piercing jewelry will fit you perfectly to your liking. It will also be of aid if you are planning to buy your jewelry from an online body jewelry shop.

Additionally, be familiar with the basic terminology of body piercing jewelry, like captive ball rings, straight, circular or curved barbells, pinchers and talons. This will be of help when you are browsing through a catalogue, be it online or in a piercing shop.

You could also spend a little more and get a jewelry that is internally threaded, as they are of a higher quality. And if you have hypersensitive skin, it is a good idea to opt for jewelry that is made out of surgical steel, titanium or is Teflon coated.

After you have your desired area pierced, make sure that you clean your jewelry and maintain it well to prevent any infections or build-up.

Routine clean up

Make sure you clean your jewelry at regular intervals to keep it clean and prolong its durability. Whenever you clean any piece, disinfect your hands so that you do not transfer any bacteria onto it. Clean your jewelry using lukewarm water and antibacterial soap, or any other specified cleaning solution (like a topical organic wash, for example) depending on the type of material. Dry it properly before reinserting it into your piercing. You can either air-dry it, or pat it dry with a paper towel or a gauze pad. Also, before you put it back on, clean the area of your piercing thoroughly. For this purpose, you can use a Q-tip dipped in mild soapy water, or in some rubbing alcohol.

Specialized Cleaning Techniques

If your jewelry happens to have such a shape that it cannot be cleaned with traditional cleaning methods, you can settle on several alternate options. Among cheaper recourses, you could choose to use boiling water to dissolve the grime and the debris from your jewelry by soaking it for an elongated period of time. You could also use a toothbrush to scrape the debris out of tricky corners. You could also buy an ultrasonic cleaner, which would prove to be extremely useful if you have multiple piercings that need to be cleaned on the go.

Cleaning Oral Jewelry

Oral jewelry, like tongue, cheek, or lip piercing, needs to be cleaned routinely as well. For this, using a mouthwash to swish around your mouth is the easiest option. However, make sure that the mouthwash is alcohol-free as alcoholic solutions can corrode certain metals.

Additional Tips

You could prolong the life of your body jewelry by taking it off while showering, swimming, and before going to bed. This will ensure that you don’t lose your jewelry in a pool or wash it down a drain, or accidentally injure yourself while scratching yourself in your sleep. If you have fresh piercings, opt for loose, billowy clothing, as clothes that fit you too tightly might scrape the affected area and make the surrounding tissue even rawer. And make sure that if you are taking your body jewelry off, you reinsert it with proper care and without too much force or pressure.


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