Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Decorative Indoor Fountains.

1. Water- The main component of a fountain is the water. It has been noted that distilled water- which does not have any minerals in it is the best kind for a fountain. It will help prevent any ugly bathtub rings. To keep it clean, use a cannon beach regularly.

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2. Keeping the pump unclogged- A fountain full of water is a fountain full of life with plenty of algae and slime growing inside and creeping up to clog the pump. This is especially an issue in places of high temperatures and humidity. Therefore, it is advisable to clean an untreated fountain every two-three months otherwise clean it as soon as you notice the pump slowing up.

3. Treating the water- Fontec is a wonder product for keeping your fountains clean, and unclogged. It kills all algae and other life in water, so if you don’t have any plants in water then fontec is the best bet for treating the fountain water. Just a little drop a week goes a long way!

4. Cleaning the pump- Most small fountain pumps are extremely easy to strip for cleaning and do not require any tools to do so.  Sides pop off, impellors are attached to motor armatures and just pulled right out as a single piece, and outlets pulled out or popped off. Take the pump apart and clean it with warm, soapy water and an old toothbrush.  Dip the parts in a mild bleach solution and reassemble it.  One most pumps, reassembly means putting the armature back onto the motor shaft (it just slides on with not effort or tools) and popping a cover back on to the front or side of the pump.  The entire cleaning process probably won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

5. Taking care of the slate-      Most slates are pretty hard material.  They’ve been in the ground for hundreds of millions of years, under enormous heat and pressure.  That’s how they got to be slate: they survived.
Cleaning is easy: warm water and a soft bristled brush or old toothbrush.  Slate can be porous, so don’t use soap or it might soak in and then make your fountain bubble and foam up.  You can dip or spray on a mild bleach solution to sterilize it, but remember to rinse that off well before reassembling the fountain.

6. Plants- If you grow plants in your fountain, there are precautions to take.  You must make sure that the roots do not grow into the pump.  You will not be able to use Fontec because that will kill the plants.  And you must make sure that branches or leaves do not hang in such a way that water runs along them and out of the fountain onto the table or floor.  This will empty the fountain and might ruin whatever gets wet, so be careful.

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