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5 Delightful Hairstyles for Babes with A Diamond Face Shape

Were you blessed with a diamond face shape? If so, you are one of the lucky ones. With your pointed jawline and gorgeous cheekbones, you are in the company of some of the most stunning beauties in the world!

How do you know if you have a diamond face shape? You can tell if you have a narrow, pointed jawline instead of angular. As well, your cheekbones will be high and pointed. The length of your face will be longer than the width, as will your forehead and jawline.


If your face is diamond-shaped, you should avoid blunt bobs as they will only amplify your facial features. Side-swept and long bangs are flattering, covering your forehead and highlighting your eyes. Tapered and textured charges also work nicely for women with a diamond face shape. Click the site to see more.

5 Dazzling Hairstyles for Women with A Diamond Face Shape
The following five hairstyles are perfect for women with diamond-shaped faces who want a fun and feminine look!

  1. Simple Dutch Braid

Braids are all the rage right now, and one of the best things about them is that they can be dressy or casual. There are many braid styles, from French Braids to Box Braids to Milk Braids to Fishtail Braids. And they are a great style for a woman with a diamond face shape.

There are dozens of braid tutorials online, but you don’t have to be an expert to duplicate this simple Dutch braid. It’s a fun weekend look, but you can dress it up for a more formal affair with ribbons or flowers.

2. Double French Braids

Braided pigtails are super cute. If you want such an innocent and playful look, it will drive men crazy; try these double French braids. And we can’t stress enough how adorable they look. Pair it with soft feminine eyeshadow to make your eyes pop and pretty matte lipstick to show off your diamond face shape.

3. Medium Length Layered Wavy Styling

A mid-length part is great for wavy tresses and is also very sensual. Style your hair in messy waves for a carefree tousled look that is tres chic and sexy. Use natural makeup to enhance your facial features and pair it with pink lip gloss.

4. High Messy Bun

A high bun is a great way to enhance your gorgeous cheekbones. Buns aren’t just for librarians anymore. Buns, top knots, and chignons are very stylish. This messy bun is very laid back but still feminine and cute if you want a fun casual look. A pretty updo is extremely flattering on those with a diamond face shape.

5. Messy High Pony

Another fun for a diamond face shape is a high, messy ponytail. Again, this look will draw up your cheekbones and show off your pretty eyes. Pull your hair back in a tall, loose, and messy ponytail for a laid-back look that is fun and girly.

Are you ready to show off your beautiful diamond face shape with one of these fun hairstyles? Get ready to enhance your gorgeous facial features with these fun and casual hairstyles today!