Different Types of Home Insulation That Will Benefit the Environment

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has come up with an educational programme to make the owners of domestic and industrial properties aware of the issue of climate change. Impact of energy inefficiencies upon the environment was also discussed. We shall have a look at the fundamental areas where insulation can have a quick and long- lasting impact on a property’s energy efficiency in this article.

Window Insulation

In order to prevent the meaningful amount of heat loss via the energy-efficient windows, many steps are taken. Some are short-term while some are long-term. Heavy curtains with a lining is more than enough to insulate your rooms from the chilly winds in the winter season. If this is not enough for you to stay warm then go ahead to install secondary double glaze windows. If neither of these two suffice your needs, the best and a full proof alternative is to install uPVC double glazed window. Such windows decrease the amount of heat which was initially getting lost in the form of energy. Hence this will also reduce the carbon emission  Wide News which will ultimately have a positive impact on the environment.

Door Insulation

Door used in various properties is a great way to prevent heat loss. There should be any gap once the door is closed as that might fail the entire purpose. If there are any gaps, then they should be filled with apt draft excluder. If you want that your door should have its own personal windows, in order to get some additional sunlight, then replace the door with uPVC double glazed door.

Loft Insulation

The loft of a house is prominent for the extent of heat loss that it can allow. It is therefore important, that it is properly insulated by the laying of a set of insulating mats. These mats are from fibre glass and are really convenient to install. These mats work in quick manner and reduce the heat loss to a great extent in a very short period of time. Furthermore energy consumption is also reduced thereby making it eco-friendly.

Wall Insulation

A great extent of energy fatigue appear as a result of poorly insulated external walls. Around 35% of a property’s heat can escape through walls which are not energy efficient. Even though it can be a little costly, the size of a property’s carbon footprint can be utterly reduced by introducing a cavity or solid wall insulation to avoid this serious heat loss.

Floor Insulation

Floors of the house are another source from where heat can be escaped. If a house has got floorboards, you must check them fir drafts that are permitted to enter via gaps which are between them. Even though this method is quite easy to implement, it might be a little out of the budget for many.


These relatively straightforward measures will all improve the quality of a property’s insulation which will, in return, brings down the heat loss and energy consumption. Implementing this technique will not be a bad idea so install it today.