Different Types of Trolleys used in Hospitality Industry

For large, as well as small scale businesses, there is always a need for high-quality material-handling equipment. And one of the best material handling tools is trolleys. Almost every industry uses some kind of trolleys to move goods. Be it a factory, warehouse, hotel, or hospital, trolleys are used to safely and easily carry heavy loads.

Of all the industries, trolleys are most widely used in the hospitality industry. In hotels and restaurants, trolleys are used for the day to day operations. The housekeeping staff is provided with different types of trolleys to carry, transport, and collect different items.

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With the technological advancements, the trolleys produced today are much more efficient, safe, and easy to use than what has been used before. Industries are designing and producing tailor-made material handling equipment to meet their specific needs. When it comes to hotels, restaurants or laundry sectors, several types of trolleys are used for efficient customer service. The catering trolleys help the staff in offering quick table service while reducing the labor and time needed.

The right kind of trolley helps in increasing the safety and efficiency of the labor staff which in turn boosts productivity and reduces costs. Restaurants and hotels make use of various kinds of hospitality trolleys like housekeeping trolleys, front of house trolleys, laundry trolleys, function and catering trolleys, housemaid carts, and more. Here are some trolleys commonly used for efficient and easier housekeeping jobs.

Maid’s cart / Room attendant’s cart:

Carts can carry a large amount of supplies and items. It can be used for carrying cleaning equipment, cleaning agents, linen, and rubbish. Maid’s card is an essential trolley used by the housekeeping room attendants for their daily cleaning activities. This trolley is stocked with everything necessary to service a guestroom effectively. The room attendant’s carts are available in various materials such as metal and wood. These are spacious and fitted with wheels to easily load and carry all the supplies needed by a Room Attendant to complete their daily tasks. It has enough space to hold supplies so that the room attendant doesn’t need to make frequent trips back to the supply room.

Linen Trolley:

For the purpose of carrying clean linen from the laundry to the linen room, there is a linen trolley. This trolley is also used for transferring linen from the linen room to the floor pantries.

Three-Tier Clearing Trolley:

These versatile trolleys are commonly used in canteens, restaurants, clubs, and hotels for clearing the table. It is a multi-purpose trolley that comes in three sizes. There is a 100kg per deck capacity, 125mm rubber castors, and chrome ends.

Birdcage Trolleys:

A Stainless Steel or Brass Birdcage Trolley makes a great first impression on a hotel’s customer. This hospitality trolley is made of robust material for carrying heavy luggage items. It has an attractive frame and carpet base which makes it look great. These trolleys are perfect to safely transfer your guest’s valuable luggage to and from the room.

Mop-Wringer Trolley:

This trolley has a mop and one or twin buckets. There is an attached wringer that is mounted on a trolley with wheels. Some trolleys may also have an attached part for holding a cleaning agent and trash.


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