Elevator Safety Tips

Elevators have eased our lives to no extent, but only if we observe safety. It is essential to follow certain safety tips on an elevator to avoid accidents and injuries.

On approaching the elevator

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  1. Know the direction you want to go to. Push the up or down button accordingly.
  2. If the elevator is full, wait for it to arrive again.
  3. Do not stand in the way of exiting passengers. That will only cause chaos.
  4. Wait for the next elevator instead of trying to stop the closing doors with feet, hands, or canes.
  5. If there is a fire in the building, always take the stairs.

On entering or leaving the elevator

  1. Enter and exit the elevator carefully. Watch your step to avoid getting hurt or hurting others.
  2. Pets and children should be held firmly.
  3. You must ensure that you stand clear of the doors. Also, try to keep carry-ons and clothes away from the doors to avoid accidents.
  4. If the doors need to help open for a longer duration, push and hold the door open button or have someone in the elevator hold it for you.

When riding on an elevator

  1. The doors must be left clear of people or things.
  2. If a handrail is available, hold onto it.
  3. Floor indicators should be paid attention to.
  4. When the elevator stops, if the doors do not open, push the door open button.

If the elevator stops between floors, what must be done?

  1. Wait for assistance after pressing the alarm button.
  2. If the elevator has a phone available, follow instructions to summon help.
  3. The interiors of elevators are usually designed for passenger safety. Hence do not panic and try to remain patient till help arrives.

If the elevator stops between floors, what must never be done?

  1. Attempting to force open the doors can prove to be fatally risky.
  2. Never attempt to leave the elevator is stuck between floors. The elevator hatch is so designed for professional personnel who, when summoned, will provide you assistance from outside the elevator you still manage to come out.

Besides these, it is essential that the elevator installed is designed to ensure safety; we at Solucore help you decide which elevators and escalators work best for you while keeping you safe.