Essential Guidelines for Fire Investigation

Fire investigation refers to the investigating of the cause of a fire incident, including its origin and the associated circumstances that led to the event itself. This investigation is a crucial step in the collection of evidence and to create a timeline for the documentation of the event. Additionally, this is a method to determine the cause of the fire as well.

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Following are certain guidelines that will permit you to comprehend the expanse of fire investigation, consequently leading up to the establishment of the source and the cause of the fire.

Don’t Contaminate the Scene

Right after the event of a fire, you must ensure that the place of its happening is secured and is prohibited to unauthorized visits. This is crucial to ensure that the scene is not contaminated by the presence of outside and irrelevant evidence. This circumscribing of the scene must be maintained strictly until the investigation is done with. If the event was that of a dangerous fire, the enclosing area must also be secured, as the spatial range of likelihood of discovering an evidence is comparatively vast. The securing of the scene of the fire would be of assistance to the fire investigators in collecting and determining evidence.

Acquire Maximum Information

In an event of this magnitude, it is a necessity for you to be as methodical in your approach to the investigation as possible. Keep yourself updated regarding the latest forensic technology and research findings. Make a note of anything and everything you find important in the light of this event. This written record of information will be invaluable while presenting an argument in the court. This admissible information can be recorded by photographs, sketches, and notes.

Be Patient

Fire investigation is not synonymous with the arson investigation. Although a conjecture can be presented on the basis of the available facts leading up to the event, it must be gauged against the discovery of new (even contradictory) information. Be receptive to all forms of ideas when it comes to settling down on the cause of the fire. This procedure can easily take up months, even years of time. Moreover, not only do you have to convince yourself of the state of events, but also implore a jury or a court to reciprocate that conviction. You might find it useful to record your recollections or hypothesis so that you can have a bird’s eye view of the event in question.

Seek Professional Advice

This situation might be too overwhelming for you to make sense of, especially given that you lack professional expertise in the matter. This issue can be supervised much better by a team od skilled advocates and investigators. Employing a specialist in this domain would ensure faster, more accurate results for the problem at hand. Origin and Cause, for instance, can furnish you with a team of expert forensic and fire investigators for consultancy and assistance in this matter so that you are relived od the troubles and impediments you might face in the course of this investigation.


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