Exceptional Deals for Your Corporate Branding

The month of December will arrive again. How do you ensure that with your Christmas present, you strike the right string with your customers? Three golden rules help you to strengthen or expand your customer relationship.

Christmas gift as a cost-effective means for relationship management

Research shows that the brand or the message is better remembered in business gifts than television commercials or online advertisements. 82.6 percent of business gift recipients remember the message or brand behind this gift. For television advertising, this percentage is 67.6 percent, and for advertisements in the newspaper, only 60.2 percent. Also, compared to television commercials, business gifts are relatively cheaper. 1. This makes Christmas gifts an extremely cost-effective means for relationship management. With the right

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Avoid the risk of missing the shelf at your customer.

The one customer who signed a contract worth a ton last week does not send you a standard pen or calendar with your logo on it. You already feel on your clogs that this gift causes more damage than contributes to your customer relationship. Giving a customer who is a tea manufacturer expensive coffee cups is also not advisable. This gift does not contribute to your marketing goal or customer relationship.

How do you touch the right string with your customer?

The following four golden rules help you strengthen your customer relationship.

Rule 1: Choose a gift that suits your customer relationship

Know your target group and move in the experience of your customer. It would help if you chose a gift that matches the relationship between you and your customer. You only hit the right string with your customers when they feel your gift is selected for them and suits them.

Rule 2: Choose a gift that suits your organization

It is crucial that the gift also matches your brand or identity. Your customers may not feel any contradiction between their experience of your organization or brand and the business gift received. It is, therefore, crucial that your promotional gift is in line with your image. If this is not the case, the business gift can, in the worst case, even cause damage to your vision. With the right Corporate apparel, the deals are essential for the moment.

Rule 3: Choose a sufficiently distinctive gift

Your customers often receive multiple gifts around Christmas time. Therefore, it is important that your donation stands out positively and evokes a positive association with your organization. It pays off if you take the time to come up with something original.