Five Smart Tips to Design a Perfect Reception Area for Your Office


The reception area is the first thing that the visitors to your office get to see. So, for making those best impressions create it as beautifully as you can. If not enough, bring in the unique designs that reflect your brand’s character.

Designing an eye-appealing office reception isn’t exactly simple, especially when you have got minimal office space to work with and not much area to go around. Fortunately, with some creative choices, you can end up with a reception area that stands out from the crowd.

Here are a few great tips to help you invest in the reception area for your workspace and makes an awe-inspiring first impression:

  1. Plan an Appropriate Layout

Not positioning your reception desk properly can cause congestion. That is why it is essential that you design a layout that governs the right flow of traffic and provides a pathway clear of all obstacles.

Think of placing furniture strategically so that customers entering should know where to go. You can also add some simple navigational signs to effectively reduce confusions on the overcrowded days.

  1. Add a Statement Desk

It is quite obvious that your reception desk is the main attraction of your lobby that catches everyone’s attention. Thus, select a desk only after taking measurements of available space and its design according to the rest of the theme of your workplace.

Prefer a luxurious and rich design incorporated with ample storage options to serve both your style and storage needs.

  1. Invest in Durable Furniture

As you know, the reception area gets a lot of traffic and the furniture goes through a lot of wear and tear. So, it is crucial that your office furniture, whether chairs, tables, or couches, is sturdy enough and built of stain-resistant materials.

But don’t compromise comfort due to that. Explore the market for seating that comes with more cushions; otherwise throw a few pillows to make the arrangement comfortable.

  1. Select a Delightful Wall Color and Décor

The kind of paint, wallpaper and wall art you choose can transform the entire feel of your reception area. While you plan to be creative with your options, don’t pick any color or kind of decorative elements that overwhelm the space.

Rather, always go for soothing and neutral colors for the rest of the walls if you plan to highlight the one behind your reception desk with bright vinyl wallpaper. You can design and customize your office wallpaper here.

  1. Install Adequate Lighting Fixtures

A dingy office reception cannot look inviting to the customers. Therefore, you need to have a sufficient amount of lighting to brighten the area. Let the natural sunlight in and create an illusion of a bigger space.

For the purpose of excellent artificial lighting, install corner lamps and a statement chandelier. Use soft white LED bulbs instead of harsh light bulbs as they create a more welcoming and comforting ambience.


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