Follow Current Custom Home Trends to Build a Fantasy Home

If you want to build a home this year, you should look at some new trends that have gained prominence among builders before finalizing your dream home design.


Copper is a metal that has been gaining prominence in decorative, functional elements, such as tubs, faucets, sinks, and light decorations. Today, top custom home builders use copper in cosmetic and functional aspects as they think copper adds a rustic and traditional look to the house. This trend has been growing only due to the uncanny twist copper provides.

Follow Current Custom Home Trends to Build a Fantasy Home 1

Water Features

Water features have gained Unique Press prominence in the past year for providing a sweet and relaxing atmosphere. Today, top home builders push water-based parts into new dream homes by inculcating open water paths, fountains, and waterfalls. When added, these water features add a soothing environment to the house, and it’s great to return home after a long and hard day at work.

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Usually, a new type of water feature custom home builders added nowadays is a water island right in the middle of the kitchen. These water islands are made out of granite, wood, or marble. Some future homeowners may not like this feature, as this would need the culmination of outdoor and indoor living spaces.

Fluid Design

Today, rather than having two dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces, new homes are flowing in and out, and out to in without any restriction. TThere is a restriction, but it is undefined using a glass wall or a screen, which are retractable and can be opened at any point to let the fresh air come in and flow out. The interior walls and floors are also made of more natural material to bring an outside rustic feeling to the home.
Even stairways nowadays feature glass, which calls for a more open look inside the home. Staircases are made up of materials like iron or wood, which brings out the natural feeling.

Today, socializing with people is becoming scarce. Therefore, you may design your outdoor space so that, sometimes, you may enjoy yourself with family and friends. Add a fireplace, fire pit, or tandoor station to a barbeque with your friends and family. As experts say, people are starting to understand the value of outdoor spaces, and even in colder climates, outdoor spaces are a large hit. Even some custom homes have a bigger outdoor space than the interior space.


At some point of time in the ’90s, contemporary designs took a storm in the market. Plastic and cement were two of the most important things in custom homes, but today, the rustic feeling is returning. Top home builders are fusing rural and modern designs and making custom homes more attractive. This fusion of elegancy and rustic feel creates quite a storm in current trends.

Go Green

In this global warming age, going green is very important. Being conscious about the environment is an essential part of being a homeowner. Using reusable products is both environmentally friendly and gives the home a new look.

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