Head Lice Treatment – The Difference Between Nits and Dandruff

More often than not, it becomes difficult for the person with hair lice to even understand this situation in the first go, because realizing that one actually has hair lice is a very difficult job and can take months to figure out. What is also more important to understand is how different they are from dandruff, and what is it that the person needs to do to not get infected. To define them further and how different they are from dandruff, it becomes clear that dandruff is basically the skin cells and your scalp getting dry and the skin simply shredding. However , what happens here is that these lice live very much in the depths of the hair. They are not very receptive to light and they usually are the most active when one is sleeping, that is, at night. The longer the hair, the more difficult it gets to spot these lice. There are possibilities that could help one understand whether they have lice or not. Some of them may seem too common, but care has to be taken in case this actually becomes a serious issue. The following are the ways through which you can find out whether you have lice in your hair or not:

  • When you are itching and scratching your scalp more often than you usually do, it becomes a huge sign.
  • You might feel like there are things living in your hair and there will be a very itchy movement of these organisms in your hair.
  • You get lymph nodes either in front or the back of your neck and they are very red and big in size.

Once you have understood that you have lice, only then go for treatment, because the treatment involves some kind of shampoos and conditioners only made for this problem. Do not give in if you’re not sure of this issue since this would be wasting a lot of money, time and resources.

In order for you to be sure, you need to clearly be able to distinguish between dandruff and nits. The following are the differences:

  • Dandruff is light and does not stick to the hair, and therefore falls off. Nits do not fall off since they have the tendency to get stuck to the hair.
  • When these insects lay eggs, these nits get properly stuck to the hair without even moving or leaving any room for falling.

To overcome this problem, there are shampoos, conditioners, combs and other similar products that are just used for this issue. They might not work instantly, but over a few days, start showing results. The specialist company that can make this job easier for us is definitely Lice Clinics of Canada. Their treatments have shown the best results, their experts make sure that everything that needs to be done to make their customer’s hair healthy is done.