Long Island couple sues Chase Bank after their $25K savings account disappears

LONG ISLAND –For big apple couple Anna and Salvatore Russo, when it got here to retaining tune of their savings account at Chase bank, they relied on their signature card, paper withdrawal and deposit facts.


That became in 2002.

However now, there’s a big problem.

“They misplaced it. They don’t understand what happened to it – and they can’t explain it,” Salvatore Russo said. “And they feel they don’t have any duty despite the fact that we have an ebook. I don’t see any right in that.”

The Russos are now suing J.P. Morgan Chase, one in every of the largest banks within the united states.

Once they opened the financial savings account 15 years ago, the couple acknowledges they left the money inside the account for numerous years.

It changed into a protracted-term funding.

“So I informed her the same factor. I stated, ‘you must be kidding.’ after which I began giggling due to the fact I was pleasant with them. I said there’s gotta be a person in that bank who is aware of something about my cash.” Russo stated.

The Russo’s legal professional, Kenneth Mollins, also claims no person on the bank instructed them they needed to actively attain out to Chase and check up on their budget Do Some Work.

“They made the deposit. They informed the bank they have been putting it in their long term. No one ever informed them to come lower back and check on it in a yr or,” Mollins said. “And now that money is lacking. All my customers want again is their cash. They’re no longer looking for punitive damages.”

Chase best retains customer statistics for seven years — or within the Russo’s case, 2009 — seven years after their hobby on their financial savings account.

The Russos did not try to withdraw their finances till 2014.

In a written declaration, Chase tells PIX11 news, “We don’t preserve facts for more than seven years and the customers have no longer been capable of offer any documentation that proves their claims. We’re continuing to look into this to try to locate more records.”

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