Los Angeles Real Estate Developer Jona Goldrich Relied on Tough Talk, Few Frills

After escaping from the Nazis at age 14, Jona Goldrich made his way through Hungary and Israel to the U.S., where he hoped to observe on the Massachusetts Institute of Generation. Instructed his language abilities have been too weak, he rode a Greyhound bus to L. A. within the early Nineteen Fifties with about $50 in his pocket. There he settled, created a real property empire and helped construct a Holocaust museum Web Job Posting.


Mr. Goldrich specialised in subsidized apartment buildings, though he additionally built better-cease housing in downtown L. A. and the beach community of Marina del Rey. He desired characteristic over architectural prospers. “Don’t fall in love together with your real property,” he cautioned. “Fall in love with your financial institution account.”

Mr. Goldrich died June 26 of what his own family described as natural causes. He become 88.

The self-made tycoon became recognized for giving to instructional, Jewish and Israeli causes. He didn’t hand out a good deal reward to personnel. His mindset became “I never let you know whilst you do a very good job because that’s what I hired you for,” Steve Erdman, a cousin who worked for him, recalled fondly. “I simplest tell you whilst you do a bad job.”

David Rochkind, who enables oversee the Goldrich own family organizations, stated the patriarch wasn’t “sensitive-feely.” He recommended employees making selections approximately his pursuits to “pretend to find it irresistible’s your very own money.”

No matter wealth envisioned inside the hundreds of thousands and thousands of bucks, colleagues said Mr. Goldrich didn’t tour first class. He preferred to walk some blocks, even after his knees went horrific, to avoid procuring valet parking.

Raymond Levy, whose family invested at the same time in some real property offers with Mr. Goldrich, recalls him as danger-averse. “I’d as an alternative be sorry I didn’t do a deal than sorry I did,” Mr. Goldrich Informed him. Another Goldrich motto: “Don’t inform me how a great deal I will make. Inform me how a lot I will lose.”

Goldrich circle of relatives companies own approximately one hundred twenty apartment homes in California. Many are occupied through low-income people with Phase 8 or other housing subsidies. Mr. Goldrich latched onto federal and kingdom housing applications for the terrible all through President Lyndon Johnson’s “war on poverty” of the mid-Sixties.

“I got satisfaction out of supplying bad people with housing, however I made money at it,” he Informed the los angeles Business Magazine in 2001. “They limited how lots cash you could make, however there was zero chance.”

Mr. Goldrich additionally was an early investor in more upscale housing in downtown Los angeles and Marina del Rey. Further, his circle of relatives owns assets scattered across the U.S., together with purchasing centers, workplace homes, warehouses and industrial web sites.

He spoke closely accented English and started with no political or Business connections in an Enterprise that calls for them. “He become pure brilliance of idea and force,” said Aliza Karney Guren, chief government of Karney Houses Co., which invested in numerous initiatives with Mr. Goldrich.

Yona Goldreich, who later tweaked the spelling of his name, turned into born on 11th of September 1927, in Lvov, Poland. His family turned into within the lumber Business. In 1942, his parents paid smugglers to get Yona and a younger brother into Hungarian forests and out of the Nazis’ attain. Their father’s parting advice: “Make sure that no person ever feels sorry for you.”

Yona’s father, mom and older brother died inside the Holocaust.

“Every time I can’t sleep, I consider them,” he Instructed one interviewer. “I suppose, I’m making it up. How did the arena let this show up?”

The young Mr. Goldrich worked in Israel as an automobile mechanic and union reliable before emigrating to the U.S. His first nights in La have been spent at downtown resorts charging $1 a night. He discovered work putting in windows and displays, then founded an Enterprise to remove debris from production sites. His work for other builders convinced Mr. Goldrich that he could be a developer. In 1956, he started out his very own belongings firm. Every other Holocaust survivor, Sol Kest, became his companion.

Amongst Mr. Goldrich’s fundamental charitable reasons had been Tel Aviv College and the l. A. Museum of the Holocaust in Pan Pacific Park. He worried that too few young human beings knew approximately the Holocaust. “We’re coaching in college approximately Julius Caesar, approximately Hannibal, about nonsense,” he Instructed the l. A. Times. “You shouldn’t graduate from high school with our understanding about the Holocaust.”

Mr. Goldrich played tennis and skied. He met actual property pals at the Nate ’n Al deli in Beverly Hills on weekend mornings. Poker and political gossip diverted him. Frequently, though, life changed into about paintings and growing a fortune that would defend his circle of relatives for generations.

“Lifestyles turned into to be persevered, now not loved,” said Mr. Erdman, his cousin.

Mr. Goldrich is survived by way of his spouse of 56 years, Doretta, and a brother in Israel, Avraham, together with two daughters and 3 grandchildren. His agencies now are managed through heirs of himself and his associate Sol Kest, who died in 2010, which include Barry Cayton, a son-in-law of Mr. Goldrich.