Mumbai Model Preeti Jain Convicted For Plot To Kill Filmmaker

Mumbai-based totally model Preeti Jain was sentenced to a few years in prison after being discovered guilty of plotting to kill filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, whom she had accused of rape. A session courtroom additionally fined her Rs. 10, city Mumbai tour

Preeti Jain’s request later for bail was granted with the court docket’s aid, and her sentence became suspended for four weeks.

Preeti Jain has been convicted of paying gangster Arun Gawli’s aide Naresh Pardeshi to kill Mr. Bhandarkar in 2005, nearly a yr after she filed a rape case against the filmmaker.

Naresh Pardeshi and his aide Shivram Das have also been sentenced to 3 years on the price of supporting her.

The prosecution said in court that Preeti Jain paid Rs. seventy-five,000 to the gangster; however, whilst he did not do the task, she asked for her money lower back. Word reached Arun Gawli, and he alerted the police.

In 2012, Preeti Jain’s rape case in opposition to the filmmaker turned into canceled via a court after she stated she turned into dropping the charge.

Preeti Jain had accused Mr. Bhandarkar of sexually exploiting her after promising her a position in his movies. She had instructed the police that the filmmaker raped her 16 instances between 1999 and 2004.

Months later, the police learned that Ms. Jain had employed an agreement killer. During the trial, the court docket examined fifty-one witnesses consisting of Mr. Bhandarkar, who is regarded for films like Page 3, Visitors Sign, Style, and Chandni Bar.

After the courtroom verdict, Mr. Bhandarkar tweeted without taking names, “A few things are better left unsaid! Some things are better left as they are. Existence actions on, so have I.”

Best Hotels to Stay in Mumbai


One of the bugs that constantly pops up in my head simultaneously as making plans for a journey is the accommodation. Questions like, How is it going to be? Am I overpaying? Am I turning into a victim of unmarried complement? Are the offerings up to the mark? I recognize that those issues sound silly to some, as it is not permanent to stay. But, human beings like me for whom tour way more than just sight-seeing However a religious adventure, an escape direction from the push of the concrete jungle, who wants to take pleasure in those moments for the relaxation in their lives, inns do remember loads. Even one unsightly can bitter the taste of your journey.

In case you are journeying to Mumbai, the monetary capital of the largest democracy within the international, you clearly do not need to destroy a while dealing with demanding situations in getting room offerings for your break. Stay with me whilst I introduce you to some of the best places to stay inside the city and the western suburbs of Mumbai.

Inns in the town

It is the most expensive and favorite area in Mumbai. The metropolis consists of the region from Colaba CST to Byculla and Mumbai Imperative. Then business regions like Dadar, Parel, World, etc., are protected in South Bombay. Let’s examine the accommodations located within the area. Bollywood information

Trident Nariman Factor

This five-star motel offers an enthralling view of the Arabian Sea from the marine pressure. It capabilities an outdoor pool, fitness center, and spa facility to pamper you. It has 24-hour commercial enterprise middle. It’s far indexed as One of the top class accommodations of Mumbai. It’s miles located 24kms from Chhatrapati Shivaji Global Airport and 5.8kms from the western railway station.

The Oberoi Mumbai

Centrally positioned, offers luxurious and luxury with their 24-hour spa, fitness, and caretaker carrier. Its big windows of suites provide a lovely view of the sea, and the en suite lavatory is crafted of a glass panel with electronic blinds. The stunning timber floors upload an ecstasy to the revel in. It has five special meals and beverage options to be had. It’s far 24kms from CSI Airport and approximately 6kms from the western railway station.

The Taj Mahal Palace

This is positioned simply opposite the Gateway of India, supervising the Arabian Sea. This resort is the epitome of luxury. It boasts 10 eating places in its 2.6 acres spread. It offers huge sorts of conventional Indian spa treatments. You could enjoy luxury purchasing at Dior, Stephano Ricci, and Louis Vuitton, etc. It additionally gives a royal historical excursion for its visitors staying on the Heritage wing. It’s miles 26kms from CSI Airport.

The above resorts are the finest hotels of the metropolis with exquisite luxury. You may also search for accommodations like Vivanta utilizing Taj President, Four Seasons hotel and resort Marine Plaza, and so on.

Don’t Stay In Jail Before You Are Convicted.


When you are charged with against the law, you could get arrested waiting for a hearing. However, the arrest does not suggest that you need to spend time in jail before you’re certainly convicted of the crime. You can still revel in your freedom as you watch for your court date, and that is something this is made feasible via the bail. Bail is an easy settlement between you, the defendant, and the court for a sum of money to serve as a warranty that you’ll clearly return to the scheduled hearing in court.

The bail amount is mostly massive, and it’s far refunded when you clearly display up for the hearing as agreed. In case you omit the date, you forfeit the amount paid, and an arrest warrant is issued against you. Those not able to pay the bail amount haven’t any choice but to remain in prison till their scheduled day in the courtroom. Trials can take months, and it can be frustrating to have to say behind bars earlier than you are convicted clearly because you’re not able to post bail—conviction movies.

The way it works

If the bail set is too high for you or your family to come up with the money, you could want to work with a bail bond. A bail bond is quite like a non-public loan. You will be needed to position a small percent of the entire amount required, after which have a bail agent or bondsman offers the closing amount. Collateral is generally required for the remaining amount to be given, and that is what works as assurance. It can be property, residence, automobile, or even steeply-priced jewelry. A bond enterprise may be of assistance with regards to the bonds, and they opt for working with the household and buddies of the defendant because they could know wherein to locate the accused in case they determine to disappear.

The bond types

Bail bonds are available in different sorts, and they include surety bond, which is secured with the aid of the coverage agency for the economic backing wished, assets bond in which the defendant’s residence is put down as collateral for the release looking forward to an appearance in court; it can be offered in case the defendant fails to expose up for a court docket date. You can also get a few immunities from prison if the decision decides your crime is low level, and there may be no flight danger involved.

Questions and Answers With Prarthana Joshi, Editor – Filmmaker


Prarthana Joshi has been working as a filmmaker-editor in La considering that 2011. Numerous of the films that she labored on had been showcased in more than one film fair. filmmaker app

Why did deciding to turn out to be a filmmaker?

I constantly cherished watching films as a kid, however growing up in a center elegance circle of relatives, movie looking wasn’t the maximum comparatively cheap manner of amusement. So, without a doubt being in that world is regarded as a world far away. I never dreamt of becoming a filmmaker. Filmmaker software.

I used to be interested in art development, and my mother and father sincerely advocated for pursuing portrayal and dancing. I cherished taking part in numerous interschool arts competitions. I was quite shy as a child then, and I think as I grew up, I found my sanctuary in the tale telling medium. It acted as a vent or, at the same time, as my channel of know-how in the arena around me. And the greater I discovered approximately cinema, the extra I used to be attracted closer to it. Conveying my mind and reviews through visuals is what attracted me to the craft. Eventually, this preliminary appeal transformed right into a meaningful ardor. It wasn’t just an interest.

My dad had an accessible-cam and even as an infant.

I don’t forget to be the individual in the price of shooting all people and the whole lot that moved and had a tale to tell. Additionally, I used to be the first one amongst all my buddies and cousins to have had a digital camera, starting from a basic movie camera to a Minolta SLR to a virtual digital camera to a DSLR. My mother and father would always allow me to use it, helping me gegetver the fear of taking pictures with high-tech equipment.