Online CRM, Cloud CRM, SaaS Customer Relationship Management

Online CRM solutions help businesses cut the expenses involved in installing, maintaining, and supporting their customer relationship software. Rather than having a constant and large overhead can be a big drain on a company’s marketing and sales budget. SaaS CRM offerings allow businesses large and small to benefit from a robust client management suite while limiting their costs to a small per seat subscription fee Attendant Design.

Online customer relation management is a cloud-application service that can accessed from a remote server. That is, the software maintains interoperability with any web-browser for the easy monitoring, evaluation, and action of the business management.

Below is a list collated from the best online CRM sites and applications available for your business utilization places:

· SuiteCRM is a CRM software fork of the popular Customer Relationship Management system. It is an alternative to SugarCRM, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The best part of SuiteCRM is It’s FREE and Open source alternative to paid editions of CRM products. So stop worrying about your CRM licensing cost, per user cost and switch to SuiteCRM software, you can customize according to your customer requirements, migrate from other CRM and also use any 3rd party integration that may help your business to strengthen relationships and maximize revenue opportunities.

· High Rise is geared to help small businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs with several CRM packages. Simple and easy-to-use interface, resembling a spreadsheet, helps first time CRM users to navigate throughout the program. In its contact management system, Highrise allows businesses to organize messages, to share data in a secured network, and to coordinate functions of the business, including follow-up communication.

· As the pioneer in online customer relation management, Salesforce integrates a simple user interface that showcases consumer technologies. The goal of this online CRM is to meet the needs of clients or businesses, and not the goals of data management. Features include web-based applications such as Google integration and Microsoft Outlook, MS Office applications, and advanced instant and mail messaging.

· Probably the most popular online customer relation management, Zoho is affordable to small businesses and entrepreneurs. The marketing and conversion management details on the activity of the customer with regards to the business services or products. An inventory can also be generated in Zoho for product-based businesses. The automation of every aspect of the business activities speeds up the reaction and response to orders and processing of details.

· Capsule integrates several business key activities into a single network for the easy access and management of business owners. Sharing of information and documents, email tracking, set a calendar, and tracking of business opportunities are tasks rightly embedded in the simple interface of Capsule.

Marketing and sales functionalities are integrated into a single service of SalesNexus. Feature-rich services are available to help businesses communicate and keep track with existing customers as they try to build a network of clients.

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