Power Strips Vs Power Conditioners

If you are a gadget hoarder or simply someone who likes all of your electronic devices to work properly and last as long as they possibly can, there are a few products available in the market that can help you. Two of these will be discussed in this article right now- the power strip and the power adapter. While of course, you could buy both as they both have very different functions, if you have a budget, you may want to buy only one depending on which you need more. The purpose and specific functions of each will be discussed in detail, and this will give you a clear picture of what you need to invest in.

Power Strips Vs Power Conditioners 1

First, the power strip. A power strip goes by several other names such as an extension block, a multi-socket, power board, etc. Essentially, they all constitute the same thing. A power strip is a block or board with multiple electrical sockets and is connected via a flexible long cable to the plug point. The biggest and most obvious advantage of a power strip is that it allows you to connect several electronic devices to one power outlet. But, all of these devices will have to be near each other. A disadvantage of the extension block is that it generally tends not to protect from electrical surges and lightning strikes. This means that your devices could be damaged when using such an appliance. However, the strip is the cheaper option between a power strip and a conditioner, often starting at only $10.

Now, for the power conditioner. A power conditioner’s main function is to keep your electrical devices and appliances functioning at a constant voltage even through electrical surges and surges from lightning strikes. It has been noted that electrical devices and appliances that work on a constant voltage tend to last longer than others, therefore giving you maximum value for money. All power conditioners come with a voltage meter that allows you to see the fluctuations in voltage. Additionally, because a stable input of electricity is being provided, appliances such as televisions and lights have been seen to perform smoother and provide better quality outputs.

To summarise, you should pick between a power strip and a power conditioner based on convenience or stability. If you need all of your devices to be connected to one power source, a strip is a way to go. This is especially in the case of home theatre systems. On the other hand, if you want to ensure that your appliance lasts long and provides the best quality outputs, you should invest in a power conditioner. Keep in mind that a power conditioner is more expensive and occupies more space, but it is worth the money in the long run. But, if you live in an area that is not prone to power surges, a power strip will be a great investment!

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