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Presale of ATLANT ATL tokens started August 1st with a confined delivery allotted for early adopters with 1010 ATL in line with 1ETH.

The ATLANT platform, set for launch in March 2018, gives the maximum efficient solution for purchasing & promoting tokenized assets units, getting rid of high limitations of access, high-priced legal professionals, and additional objectives to disrupt Airbnb and Booking with their inflated condo middleman costs and pretend evaluations.


Estate Platform

August 1, 2017, ATLANT (atlant.Io) introduced its subsequent-technology worldwide actual property platform based on blockchain generation. The ATLANT platform’s center functions provide progressive capabilities in phrases of safety, efficiency, and profitability within the global actual property marketplace. ATLANT’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will take vicinity in September, with platform release deliberate for March 2018.

ATLANT’s blockchain platform presents a relaxed, tamper-proof gadget enabling platform customers to trade parcels of belongings without historically prohibitive prices and inefficiencies. It’s Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transaction features will permit users to skip intermediaries in rental offers to beautify ease-of-use and security for guests and hosts alike, improving user revel in, lowering prices, and riding increased adoption.

“We foresee remarkable opportunities for disruption inside the worldwide actual property and accommodations markets,” said Julian Svirsky, CEO of ATLANT, “the ATLANT platform will allow investors, lodging visitors and belongings proprietors to advantage in lots of ways, impacting price-financial savings and comfort, in comparison to the currently inefficient and high priced alternatives.” Julian is a Wall Street veteran with 14 years of revel in hedge funds and global investment banks.

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Real Estate is the biggest asset class inside the global and is one of the least efficient. ATLANT’s purpose is to empower the $217+ trillion global actual estate marketplace (with 2017 predicted volume of $1.Four trillion) to have extra comfortable, obvious and liquid approaches to make investments and change. This will no longer simplest create more earnings thru expediting transactions at the lower overall cost; however, it will also make bigger the market’s dimensions by permitting smaller-scale participants.

The ATLANT platform will enable subdivision of person parcels of actual property by way of tokenization, and ATLANT will subsequently list them on exchanges via PTO (Property Token Offering), beginning with the decentralized ADEX change, based totally on Ethereum smart contracts.

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The ATLANT platform will ease the transfer of possession, simplify fractional keeping without minimal constraints, alleviate tax inefficiencies, make move-border transactions less complicated, and dispose of the widespread overhead faced in sure jurisdictions due to bureaucracy and needless intermediaries.

ATLANT operates as a decentralized system, governed by way of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) built on Ethereum. The platform is powered via its center token, abbreviated as “ATL”.

Core tokens (devices of ATL) are essentially membership units in ATLANT, which offer specific, proportionate rights and privileges to their owners, tied to the pATLANT platform’s recise capabilities and advantages

ATLANT’s longer-time period goals, once government real property belongings and land registers are absolutely blockchain-compliant, include partnering with diverse governmental jurisdictions so one can make, purchase, and promote transactions of smaller, tokenized actual property asset devices viable all over the international. ATLANT will do that by means of integrating the ATLANT platform with blockchain-based governmental registries while not having to first location real estate into included SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles). This will result in appreciably increasing the dimensions of the already-extensive worldwide actual property market.

Indicating the extent of the hobby in applicable blockchain-primarily based answers of this type are the range of existing pilot projects in Sweden, the Republic of Georgia, Ghana, Ukraine, parts of Japan and America (Chicago, Delaware), with more than one different jurisdictions analyzing the capacity for adopting Blockchain-enabled name registries.

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Starting in December 2016, ATLANT began operating with main specialists in finance, real estate, emerging markets and clinical fields to broaden the ATLANT platform. Please see the cutting-edge ATLANT roadmap for the further element on the ICO and platform release.

Real-Estate Deals And The Securities Laws


When assembling an actual-property deal regarding other traders, occasionally known as “syndication”, one must observe kingdom and probably federal securities legal guidelines. When securities are issued, they should be registered or in shape inside an exemption. Otherwise, the investors later can sue the principals B, and the State and – or SEC can impose fines and jail sentences. Frequently an offering is dependent to suit inside exemptions to the legal guidelines that in any other case require registration of the securities. One has to weigh the advertising needed, whether monetary requirements will do away with too many investors, whether investors will come from a couple of kingdoms, and many others. To decide the quality exemption.

Definition of [email protected]

The definition of [email protected] is pretty huge. Under federal regulation, the term [email protected] way any A notice, inventory…Proof of indebtedness, certificate of hobby or participation in any profit-sharing settlement…@, etc. The California definition essentially tracks the federal one. Note that this definition includes promissory notes secured by the actual property, although there are exemptions to the securities legal guidelines that can follow in that case.

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There are a few exceptions to the definition of [email protected] General partnership pastimes aren’t considered securities, on the concept that preferred companions every has the authority to workout meaningful manage over the partnership. Limited partnership hobbies, even though, are presumed to be securities.

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If the investors are all tenants in commonplace (that means they are indexed on the deed but there is no formal entity), then there are no securities — but the proprietors all have the identical non-public legal responsibility as though they have been trendy companions. Good coverage insurance is prime if so.

Limited liability company pastimes typically constitute securities. This is definitely true for manager-managed LLC=s. Still, there’s an exception beneath California regulation for member-managed LLC= s where all the contributors are actively engaged in the management of the LLC. The California statute states that [email protected] does no longer mean :

a membership hobby in a limited liability agency wherein the man or woman claiming this exception can prove that every one of the members is actively engaged in the control of the confined legal responsibility enterprise; furnished that evidence that members vote or have the proper to vote, or the right to records concerning the commercial enterprise and affairs of the limited legal responsibility employer, or the right to participate in the control, shall now not set up, without extra, that each one individual is actively engaged in the control of the limited liability employer…

As the definition suggests although, the contributors ought to be truely engaged in control and not simply have the right to do so.

It isn’t clear whether there may be a similar federal exemption (the cases seem to conflict). Hence, the safer course right now is to assume that LLC’s offerings to residents of various states are securities below federal law.

There is also an exemption underneath California regulation for positive secured promissory notes. More specifically, there is an exemption for:

A promissory observe secured with the aid of a lien on the actual property, which is neither one in every of a sequence of notes of identical priority secured by using pursuits inside the equal actual belongings, nor a observe wherein useful interests are offered to a couple of person or entity.

This works where there may be simply one investor consistent with assets. It does no longer work if specific investors are secured via the identical property (except every investor could have a lien with distinctive precedence). This is an unusual exemption in that it does now not require any form to be filed with the State.

Generally, the traders’ vicinity (and no longer the kingdom in which the entity was fashioned) decided what securities laws observe. For instance, if you sell securities just in California, you definitely only need to cope with California securities laws. If you promote in other states as properly, you generally ought to also follow federal securities laws and the legal guidelines of each kingdom you sell.

Because registering an supplying of securities with the country and/or federal corporations can be steeply-priced and time-ingesting, generally the imparting is structured especially to comply with one or more exemptions from registrations. These styles of services are regularly referred to as A private [email protected]

One of the effects of the usage of securities exemptions is that B has some exceptions — public advertising and marketing aren’t allowed. Where it’s far allowed, restrictions on the advertising normally observe.

Another outcome of the usage of the securities exemptions is that a lot of them impose economic necessities on the traders.

Finally, most securities exemptions require submitting finished exemption forms with the applicable state/federal securities businesses. Still, that is vastly simpler than formally registering the providing.

California Exemptions


If public advertising and marketing are required, then either a 25102(n) imparting or a California SCOR presenting need to be used. See How the Securities May Be Sold underneath to discuss what does and does no longer constitute public marketing.

The California 25102(n) exemption lets in up to $five million to be raised, but best an [email protected] (bare bones) ad may be used B although it may be placed on an internet website online too B and most effective [email protected] consumers can make investments. Complete records about the providing can handiest accept to those who respond to the tombstone ad, after which signal a record verifying that they’re a qualified client.

If the entity making the supplying is an employer (versus an LLC), then certified purchasers for 25102(n) functions are corporations with greater than $five million bucks in belongings, and individuals with both a) a minimal internet well worth (together with their spouses) of $250,000 and gross income in extra of $a hundred,000, or b) a minimum net worth of $500,000. The kicker is that the price of the residence has to be excluded in each instance. The quantity of the funding through every man or woman can not exceed 10 percent of the net north of the man or woman.

The platform game

Buying, selling, and making an investment in actual property involve complex transactions and deep financial concerns. Given this, shoppers, lenders, and traders commonly ask actual estate agents and actual estate agents to help them with their real estate needs. This is because real estate agents and agents possess a thorough understanding of the actual property marketplace. They are also familiar with nearby zoning and tax laws and with financing companies. In a few instances, sellers and brokers act as intermediaries within the negotiations among shoppers and sellers at the belongings’ fee.

Becoming an agent or a booking

Being a real estate agent or a dealer has proven to be a moneymaking supply of earnings for those practicing this profession and maximum estimates show that inside the near future, the variety of real estate retailers and agents will retain to upward push due to this fact. However, becoming an actual property agent or broking requires that ability agents be at least 18 years of age, and excessive faculty graduate and skip the state exam. The country checks that are usually more comprehensive for brokers consist of questions on actual estate transaction and relevant actual estate legal guidelines.

If you wish to become an agent or a broker within the United States, you should be knowledgeable at the distinctive requirement of the one of a kind states with reference to licensing. In a maximum of the states, it is required that ability agents need to whole between thirty to ninety hours of school room practice. For brokers, they are generally required to undergo sixty to ninety hours of formal education together with a required quantity of revel in real estate transactions, which range from one to 3 years. Most of the schooling guides include subjects on advertising and marketing, accounting, and a tremendous amount of publications in actual property, finance, and real property legal guidelines.