Some of the Many Uses of Bulletproof and Bullet Resistant Glass

Many of us are acquainted with at least the idea of bulletproof and bullet resilient glass, but for most of us these notions play little role in our day to day lives. Even so, this influential and potentially life-saving technology is significant in a number of locations, including some you may not have been mindful of. Some of the many uses of bulletproof and bullet resistant glass products include:

  1. The Military – When many people contemplate of bullet proof glass and bullet resistant materials, it is the military that primarily comes to mind. Few people are more in the necessity of quality bullet resistant materials, from bulletproof glass on vehicles to Kevlar vests as part of their apparel, than our soldiers. The military has always been at the forefront of research into discontinuing the harm from bullets and other military hardware, and many products used by civilians today got their twitch in the military applications of days gone by.
  2. The Security Industry – Nowadays even the most pedestrian businesses are becoming progressively aware of security matters, and some recent high profile workplace shootings have directed many companies to mount safe rooms protected by bulletproof or bullet resistant glass. Moreover, many companies are installing bulletproof or bullet resistant glass on their guard shacks to protect both their employees and their property.
  3. The Police – The police, of course, always have a need for bullet resistant and bulletproof materials, and equipping police cars with bulletproof glass can be a smart move. Like the military, those companies that work for the police and security market are always in hunt of the latest and greatest technology in the world of bulletproof and bullet resistant glass and other materials.
  4. Convenience Stores – While it may not have the high profile of the military or the police force, convenience store clerks are normally the people most in need of a sheet of bulletproof glass. Placing a solid sheet of bulletproof glass between workers and would be robbers delivers security for both for the employee and the employer.
  5. Repo Men – It appears that those brave people who re-claim cars and other vehicles for a living all have a story of a close brush with a discontented debtor. Car owners are reasonably hesitant to lose their transportation to a repo company, and they often take their anger out on those workers. Many repo men (and women) have armed My General their tow rigs with bulletproof glass in order to protect themselves from imaginable harm.

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