Although they have a lot of additional advantages, bunk beds if not used safely often cause a lot of accidents and injuries. Especially, children under the age of 6 years are not advised to sleep in bunk beds. Their playful nature might accidently cause them a lot of harm which in certain situations are grievous. Therefore if you have small children at home, then you should be very careful about them using the bunk beds. Here are some essential safety tips to follow in order to avoid bunk bed injuries. Read more to find out.

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Place them correctly

Bunk beds should not be placed directly under a ceiling fan. You should first determine the height of your room before buying a bunk bed. Buy only those that are not too high and have a strategic distance from the ceiling. Also, position them adjacent to the walls or at the corner. Never place the bed adjacent to a window.

Instruct your kids!

It is highly important to educate and instruct your kids and make them aware of the consequences and injuries that comes along with the improper usage of bunk beds. Advise them only to utilize the top bunk for sleeping and not for playing around. Most of the injuries are caused when children do not follow the rules. Stop them from using any kind of objects which might lead to accidental strangulation such as ropes, scarfs and even belts. Ask them to utilize the ladder carefully at the time of climbing. Do not allows kids under the age of 6 years to use the top bed. Also restrict them from playing with the ladder. Following these simple rules will safeguard your children.

Guard Rails

Installing guard rails is a must to prevent any kind of accidents and injuries. Make sure that the guard rails are firmly attached to both the sides of the bed. The guard rails height should ideally be of 5 inches above the mattress. There are two types of guard rails, continuous or connected and non-continuous or open. The space between the guard rails in an open type depends upon the age of your child. It should not be more than 22 inches wide for children below the age of 6 years and 25 inches wide for kids who are 8 years or more. Better to install a completely connected guard rail if the bed is placed in the middle of the room. As this reduces the probability of accidents. They should be strong enough and must not contain any sharp edges.

Other factors

Placing carpets underneath prevents a lot of head injuries if at your child falls from the bed. This is one smart way to minimize the risk. The mattress should be of the correct size. The ladder should be made of strong materials and must be stable. Do not ignore even the slightest symptoms of wear and tear. Teach your children to climb the ladder slowly and carefully. And most importantly never compromise on the quality of the bed.




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