Top 10 questions to ask while hiring a siding contractor

Are you in search of an honest siding contractor who can work for you to install siding as well as provides warranty for his work? It might seem to be an intimidating task, however, asking your doubts and other necessary questions beforehand will lessen your worries and save you from getting less than ideal results with their shoddy work.

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Choosing the right siding contractor for your work requires a little more research as you don’t want to get stuck in an expensive, time-consuming and a messy deal. Here are the top ten questions that you must ask before getting into a business deal with a siding contractor from a siding store in Edmonton

  • How many years of experience do you have in this line?

It is better to know if the company possesses a sound experience in handling siding contracts before too. This will also keep you at peace knowing that the contract has been placed in the right hands as they have both the skills and experience to handle the job.

  • Do you have some referrals and reviews that I can look at?

A renowned company must have a plethora of reviews and customer testimonials that you can refer to before hiring the siding contractor. Several websites like Yelp and YellowPages also provide review pages that give a true insight into their services.

  • Do you have sub-contractors or work individually?

Hire a company who manages a contract themselves. A contractor, who sells the contract to cut costs, is not a contractor you should come in business with.

  • Is your company licensed to do siding in my state?

Don’t forget to ask for the license number of the contractor. Working with a contractor who is officially licensed is a secure way of staying tension-free as you are insured that you have hired a reliable person for your work.

  • What are your policies for solving customer complaints and grievances?

It is necessary to be clear about how they will manage your complaints if they arise. Good contractors handle customer grievances on an immediate basis and help in resolving all issues.

  • What are your payment expectations and if the estimate includes a full coverage of all costs?

Verify all the doubts related to the total cost estimates beforehand so that you avoid the hassle that you might face later. Also, make sure you ask them about including all the costs of the individual things like materials, labor, waste materials etc.

  • What are the various types of siding materials and which type of siding will be installed?

You must be aware of the siding material that the contractor will use for his job. It will also make you understand his knowledge of different siding materials.

  • What is the estimated time to complete the project?

Take a prior estimate of the time the contractor will take from start to finish so that you know until when your home will be topsy-turvy. Of course, unforeseen weather conditions cannot be accounted for in this as they are unknown to everyone.

  • What type of warranties/guarantees do you offer?

It is important to know the warranty period of the products that they used. It may range from a decade to at least 50 years. Don’t forget to seek a guarantee on their workmanship so that you better understand their work longevity.

  • Who will remove waste or the leftovers after the work is finished?

It is the responsibility of the contractor to take care of all the waste or leftovers when the job gets over. A good contractor will surely clean your place leaving no signs of nails anywhere.

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