Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most specific and specialised types of plastic surgery available today. It could be used to improve an individual’s day to day functioning by correcting structural problems in the nose such as a deviated septum. It could also be used to improve an individual’s quality of life by removing any esteem or confidence issues they may have by changing their appearance. Before we get into the reasons that people want rhinoplasty surgery for, let us first look at the types of rhinoplasty surgery present. There are three main types-

  1. Open rhinoplasty- in this type of surgery, the doctor makes an incision on the outside of the nose between the nostrils, opening it up to show the structures within. This gives the surgeon easy access to the entire structure of the nose and allows him to mold the nose from within
  2. Closed rhinoplasty- in this type of surgery, only small changes can be made as there is lesser visibility. The biggest advantage of this type is that it takes lesser time to recuperate and leaves little to no scarring behind
  3. Tiplasty- tiplasty is the process through which the nasal tip is modified without affecting any other part of the nose

You can meet with your plastic surgeon to decide which type of rhinoplasty is best suited to your needs. Listed below are the main reasons for people undergoing rhinoplasty surgery-

  1. Smoothening or removing a prominent bump that is present on the bridge of the nose
  2. Correcting breathing problems such as sleep apnea or snoring that are a result of a collapsed nostril known as a deviated septum
  3. Straightening a nose that is crooked either from birth or the result of an accident
  4. Reducing the length of the nasal tip to a size that is proportionate to the rest of the face
  5. Refining the size of the nasal tip
  6. Altering the nose to make it narrower in order to correctly fit the proportions of the face
  7. In order to reduce the size of the nose
  8. To restore the nose to its original shape after trauma or an accident

While these are the most common reasons for rhinoplasty surgery, there are several more of which any one could fit you. Before you decide to get this surgical procedure done, make sure to look up the pros and cons of it. Do your research in terms of plastic surgeons around you who can do the procedure. Not every plastic surgeon is necessarily qualified enough to surgically operate on nurses. Speak to previous patients and shortlist doctors based on the feedback you gather. Remember, facial surgery is not a light thing and has several consequences.

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