Two Wheeler Insurance: Consumables Cover Explained

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it mandatory to have insurance for all two-wheelers registered. When you purchase two-wheeler insurance, you can either opt between a third-party policy or a comprehensive plan. A third-party plan ensures protection from liabilities that you, the policyholder, might face in case of an accident or injury, or damages to third party property. On the contrary, comprehensive plans overcome the shortcoming of liability-only plans by offering coverage for own-damage too.

Moreover, these comprehensive two wheeler insurance plans can also be enhanced using add-ons like zero depreciation cover, engine protection cover, and more. But among these varied add-ons, one that stands out is the consumables cover.

Two Wheeler Insurance: Consumables Cover Explained 1

What are consumables?

At the time of two wheeler insurance renewal or purchase, you might have come across the term ‘consumables.’ It refers to the spares consumed when using your vehicle. They are generally the moving spares and parts in your vehicle. These spares require replenishment depending on the usage of your vehicle and cannot be reused.

Some common examples of consumables are nuts and bolts, lubricants, oil and fuel filters, grease, tires, and more. A standard comprehensive policy excludes the cost of consumable spares but is available as an add-on to your base insurance plan.

What is a consumables add-on cover?

As a standard comprehensive policy excludes consumables’ cost, the same can be insured using an add-on cover. To have a hassle-free claim experience, opting for a consumables add-on cover will ensure end-to-end protection from coverage, including the cost of minor repairs.

What should you consider when making a claim using the consumables cover?

  • First and foremost is reporting the accident or damage to the insurance company. The time limit to inform the insurer may differ among insurance companies. If there is no intimation to the insurance company within the stipulated time, it may lead to rejection.
  • Consumables cover falls under the broad category of comprehensive policies. Since these are not standalone coverage options that you can purchase, you must be adept with the policy’s terms and conditions to make the claim process smoother.
  • Consumables cover is available for vehicles not older than five years. All vehicles older than five years automatically become ineligible to purchase a consumables add-on.
  • Like other add-ons, you need to have a valid PUC certificate and driving license to claim insurance. In case of inability to produce these valid documents, your claim can be rejected.
  • Conditions like intoxication, rash driving, or other forms specifically excluded by your insurance policy, no claims can be filed using the consumables insurance cover.
  • Since these add-ons form part of your comprehensive plans, you must report any damage to your vehicle at the earliest. This can reduce the chances of claim rejection and difficulty in claim settlement.

Many different add-ons can be combined with a consumable add-on cover. A two wheeler insurance premium calculator is a helpful tool that can help you select the right policies as per requirement. Make the most of a consumable cover and ensure the safety of your two-wheeler!