What a DNC System is and Types of CNC Machines

Computer Numerical Control – or CNC – is the automation of machine tools using computers to execute sequences that the machine can then enact. A CNC machine is an automated system that uses programs and algorithms to dictate what the device can and cannot do. In a modern CNC system, the mechanical parts and their manufacturing are fully automated. The mechanical dimensions are designed using computer-aided design software and are manufactured using computer-aided manufacturing software. Thus, the result is transformed into a machine that can follow specific commands and loaded into the CNC machine.

What a DNC System is and Types of CNC Machines 1
Direct Numerical Control, or Distributed Numerical Control (DNC 0), is a common manufacturing term for CNC machine tools. In some situations, the CNC machine memory may be too small to contain the entire program. In this scenario, the program is stored on a separate computer and sent directly to the machine in one section. Another situation is that the computer can send the program to multiple devices and distribute it when required. Therefore, a DNC system is a computer connected to one or more CNC machines.

In today’s world, CNC systems have affected almost every major industry. Many machines and forms of equipment have been automated, using CNC systems, making them easier and more efficient to use.
In the metal industry, machining processes were normally done on conventional machine tools, which can be improved with CNC machining centers.

Such machines include drills, metal reams, counterbores, and other tools and equipment. Similarly, several functions, like facing, boring, grooving, and knurling, are done with CNC machines. Other parts, like grinding, are also done on CNC grinders. Therefore, CNC machines have opened up a new world of automated machinery, making goods faster and easier than ever.

Another industry that has benefitted from CNC systems is the electrical discharge machine (EDM) industry. EDM machines help remove metal through electrical sparks, which burn the metal away. CNC EDM machines, thus, are commonly used within the industry. These machines are widely used to create punch and die combinations for sets found in the fabrication industry.
Other forms of CNC machines include tools used for lettering and engraving. CNC is even found in the electrical components of many manufacturing machines.

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