What to be aware of When Choosing a Realtor?

Choosing a realtor in can be a tricky task especially if you are new to the area. With a number of options that they offer, real estate properties also force you to make certain choices which if not made properly can lead to devastating results with which one has to live for years. Here are some of the factors you should be careful about while choosing a realtor for yourself.

Never fall in the trap of “standard contract” as offered by some agents in the market. Contracts have no such minimum or maximum obligation and can be indefinitely long or short as per the requirements of the buyer or seller. You can always choose to alter the length of the contract provided you can get the other party to agree on the same.

Next part comes when after much deliberation you actually draw up a contract. Be sure to check it as thoroughly as possible. Make sure that you are reading the absolute final draft of the contract and no further changes can be made to the same without your consent. Also, be quick and assertive in suggesting any changes that you feel need to be made in the contract. Seek advice from experts if deemed necessary and do not make any judgement call just on your views. Once the contract is verified and implemented, stick to it. Never engage with another agent until your rep agreement with one is ended as in such a case you will be liable to pay the previous agent his full commission, even on the seller’s behalf.

Never come under the influence of ‘high performing’ agents. Yes, reputation does matter in this business, but never rely solely on it. There are multiple factors which contribute to the sale and many of them are under no control of the realtor. In the same way, never get influenced by a single realtor while deciding on a price (buying or selling). It is easier to sell a property when it is either priced exactly right or below value. Whatever you do, don’t just go with one estimate of your property; get several before deciding on your listing agent Page Design Hub.

Try to stay away from realtor to realtor referrals. Referrals from family and friends about good realtor are okay, but a realtor to realtor reference only means that the commission is getting divided into many parts, which can mean less incentive to provide good service. These referrals are often not based on merit and is often by and to a person working for the same real estate company.

Above mentioned cautions can never be done away with but to an extent can be outsourced to a good website which can help you with same. Thomas Krause running the website CanmoreThomas.com is one such website for all your real estate needs in Canmore and the Bow Valley. This website is a one-stop Real Estate information center for all your home buying and selling needs in Canmore and the Bow Valley.

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