Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery and well as one of the most difficult ones. The poor surgical technique could lead to deformity. Therefore, you should carefully choose your surgeon, someone who has in-depth knowledge and is experienced. Rhinoplasty has become a widespread procedure since it’s the only projection on the human face. If you are working in an industry such as acting or anchoring, you are constantly subjected to light falling on your nose, making it an obvious part of your facial anatomy and gains focus from the people around you.

  1. Reconstructing the nose is becoming more common because popular beauty magazines and other forms of media are painting an image in the minds of young men and women that their nose should look a certain way. This has now resulted in many women, including actresses feminizing their noses, which basically means shortening the nose, making the tip go upwards so that it becomes a more pert nose, and making sure that the nose becomes thinner the bridge of the nose decreases in size.
  2. This is a daycare procedure. It is performed during the morning hours, the doctors perform the investigation a day prior, and the surgery typically lasts from about 1.5 to 2 hours.
  3. This could either be an open rhinoplasty, which goes through an incision made on the base of the nose, or a closed rhinoplasty performed on the inside of the nose. It is a safe, predictable procedure where the final results could be seen in about 6 weeks to three months post the surgery.
  4. There’s no specific age that is best for rhinoplasty. You can undergo surgery at a younger age or when you are old.
  5. The three-dimensional anatomy of the nose, the structural detail, and the fact that you are operating on a functional organ necessary for breathing make rhinoplasty the most complex one of all the plastic surgeries. With the advancement in technology, much of the risk has been reduced.
  6. It is vital for your nose after rhinoplasty to blend harmoniously with your other facial features. So before getting the nose job, you get a view of it through computer imaging and can decide if you really want to get it done or not.
  7. The recovery process could involve not more than 1 week and makes it impossible for other people to notice if you have gone through one or not. But it does take more than a year to heal completely.
  8. The ideal nose should look natural and blend with your face but should not stand out.
  9. A nose job is not always for beauty purposes, but better breathing makes nasal breathing easier and relieves you from sinus problems.
  10. Today’s rhinoplasty techniques and technology are accurate, more predictable, and active than ever before. Problems such as allergic reaction or infection after the surgery are sporadic.