Essential Questions To Ask Your Architect Before Hiring Them

Investing in a house can be an arduous journey from start to finish and oftentimes, a little too daunting to undertake. The designs, constructions, last minute modifications can quickly become too intimidating and confusing for you is you do not have the assistance of a professional architect. Considering that most of us are not proficient in this domain, it becomes imperative for us to keep track of all the intricacies that might be involved in this process. However, this does not negate the fact that buildings house from the scratch can cost an arm and a leg. This is an investment that is most definitely a long-term one, thus necessitating the assurance of a profitable venture. Everything in the house should be just the way you want it to be, but it becomes exceeding difficult to choose the manner in which you can materialize those wishes.

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Although you can legally construct a house without employing the services of an architect, it is almost impossible to get all the details right without the supervision of one. While it is true that hiring professional architects can add up to the allocated budget that you have, it is a guarantee that, in the long run, your house will be constructed more sustainably and will be needing fewer repairs in future, thereby, balancing the scales of your expenditure.
Nevertheless, just the mere act of hiring an architect will not suffice. You must be aware of all the questions you might have to ask them before rendering their services so that you can be assured of their legitimacy and their expertise.

Enumerated below are a few such questions that will help you navigate through this situation.

The Initial Meeting

Are there any additional charges for an initial meeting?

This would be heavily dependent on which architectural agency you would be potentially interested in. Most agencies offer an initial meeting, usually a short one, free of charge to go over the basic information of the project, the allocated fund, their provisional plans, and the like. For a more detailed interview and more advice, you might be expected to pay for their services. Remember that if you will be requiring planning permissions, you will also be requiring an architect.


Do you have legitimate proof to confirm that you are a registered architect?

The profession of an architect mandates the passion of a license by the virtue of the law. However, there are companies and agencies that can use the word “architectural” very loosely, thereby leading you to believe that they are licensed. You must always hire registered architects for the purpose of building on your property, and for that, you must always ask for the necessary documentation that indubitably proves their legitimacy. They should be affiliated with a registration board that would be publicly accessible, which would facilitate your research.
A registered architect would be able to deliver you better services and they would also be conscientious of the laws and regulations of handling your project, inclusive of health and safety and the requirement to maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance.


What is the mode of payment and how much do you charge?

The rate of charge for an architect would be determined by the project they will be handling. Some of them will charge at regular intervals, some will charge you at a fixed rate, while others might prefer daily or hourly rates.
It is imperative to be absolutely clear about the mode and rate of payment before you finalise a deal so that there is no problem later on when the project has already been initiated. Additionally, ask them if you would have to make a deposit or payment before the commencement of the work.

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