How to Use Social Media Discovery to Prove Insurance Fraud

With the exponential digitization of our world, the methods of committing frauds and theft have been exponentially rising. A major contributor to this phenomenon has been the acceleration of “soft” insurance fraud, which entails amplifying a veritable claim in opposition to manufacturing a totally new claim.

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The investigations that follow could be inclusive of the parties involved in the case, the witnesses and their testimonies, verifying the claims and disputes made in the case, reviewing previous convictions, examining financial records, confirming the state of the physical evidence presented, and a critical data analysis, all of which would work towards falsifying the claim in question and, by extension, save money. Amongst all these providers, nowadays, we can also add the procedure of social media discovery.

To have a justifiable statement presented, an insurance claims adjuster must consider the results produced by a social media discovery in the event of an investigation or a deposition.

In light of these facts, one must be kept informed of the methodologies in which social media discovery can be transformed into a tool to weigh in and prove an insurance fraud.

Request Social Media Discovery Immediately

During an investigation, if the person being investigated has an insinuation that their social media profiles might get looked into, they might end up manipulating the data present there or even deleting certain posts. This would be counter-effective to your case. Therefore, make sure that you do not wait a long time to investigate this domain. If you do not take instantaneous action, there might even be a situation where the person in question might permanently take their profile off of the internet, majorly obstructing that path of investigation. While it is true that you could recuperate some adjunct information to serve your purpose from other associated social media platforms and profiles, it would not be merely as efficient as the direct source of the information that could lead to a clear advantage on your side. This, you mustn’t delay this procedure and investigate the subject’s social presence and posts at the earliest.

Experienced Team

Be certain that the team assisting you in this investigation comprises licensed attorneys, private investigators, certified forensic professionals, and technical specialists. They should be more than competent to help you make your case in a manner that guarantees a clear win. Additionally, working with such a team of professionals would automatically assure you of the best research and analysis department working for your case. They will be proficient in examining the case and the evidence from varying angles and taking every contingency into account that would be legal, defensible, compliant, and ultimately working in your favor. Rendering the help of an experienced team would be an assurance that they will be competent to deal with any problems or issues that might crop up in the investigation. In case of litigation, they will also guide you through case strategies and furnish you with expert testimony.

Latest Technologies

Working with the best team of professionals would also ensure that they have a range of up to date technological support to back their investigation. They will be able to piece together every little piece of evidence and conjoin it optimally and locate more pertinent data to advance the case in your favor.

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