The Unmatched Benefits of Foxtel TV and Broadband Service

Foxtel has been successful in maintaining its reputation of being the best cable TV provider in Australia. Foxtel is often the first choice of Australians looking for TV subscription packages that offer exclusive content encompassing sports and entertainment. Looking for a TV service that can meet all your needs can be a hefty job. Foxtel is one of the most reliable TV cable providers in the country and was formed back in 1995. There are a bunch of enticing things that draw more and more customers toward Foxtel every year. If you’re missing out on a TV show, you can catch up with Foxtel’s on-demand TV service. Foxtel even has apps available so that the customers can stream on their electronic devices seamlessly. If you want to rent movies, Foxtel has got you covered on that as well.

Deluxe TV service

At an all-inclusive, affordable price, you can have seamless TV service for 12 straight months if you go for the basic package. Additionally, you don’t have to miss an episode ever again because Foxtel allows you to record your favorite shows. That’s not all. Thanks to Foxtel’s IQ, you can receive relevant recommendations based on your past preferences. Foxtel is exceeding in its ability to satisfy movie buffs with its vast range of movies and TV shows.

The new “Box Sets” channel from Foxtel lets all of its subscribers catch complete catalogs back to the back of some of the highest-rated TV shows and movies. Aside from popular TV shows like True Blood, Game of Thrones, and The Sopranos, you can also catch shows from the FX channels, which includes House of Cards and The Walking Dead.

Foxtel is often compared to iTunes. The obvious difference between the two elite services lies in the cost, and Foxtel has the upper hand. To access TV content, you would have to pay a fortune if you choose iTunes. Furthermore, unlike Netflix or Quickflix, Foxtel does not require an internet connection since it is delivered through cable or satellite. However, you would require an internet connection if you are using the “Anytime On-demand” app.

Bundle packages & salient features

Customers often find it difficult to juggle cable TV service and an internet connection. Foxtel offers a diverse range of broadband services with lightning-fast internet. The broadband connections are available with state of the art ADSL and NBN fiber connections. Not many know that Foxtel uses the same ADSL broadband infrastructure as that of Telstra. Hence, internet service quality is right up there with any other internet service provider giants in the region.

If you want to stream TV on any of your smart gadgets over the internet, Foxtel Now allows you to do that. No matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on your apple as well as android devices. You can use Foxtel Store, where you can find pretty much any movie you could think of for renting movies.