House panel begins probe of country fitness department

OKLAHOMA CITY — A special House panel on Monday will begin its research into alleged financial mismanagement at the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Several pinnacle officials on the enterprise, inclusive of Commissioner of Health Terry Cline and previous Deputy Commissioner of Health Julie Cox-Kain, resigned after the facts have become public.

The alleged monetary mismanagement required a $30 million coins infusion from lawmakers to hold the employer afloat.

“I could anticipate this to final for some time,” stated Rep. Josh Cockroft, R-Wanette, who serves as the panel’s chairman. “We aren’t setting a timeline on it.”

The House committee first subpoenaed and then withdrew the subpoenas for Preston Doerflinger, acting director of the Oklahoma State Department of Health; Denise Northrup, performing director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services; and Chris Benge, Gov. Mary Fallin’s chief of the body of workers and previous House speaker.

The 3 are set to voluntarily appear Monday.

Monday’s meeting comes on the heels of a Friday statement through Doerflinger that the organization might do away with nearly two hundred jobs.

Rep. Kevin Calvey, R-Edmond, had numerous questions, announcing he notion that the $30 million appropriations became to keep away from a reduction in pressure. Calvey, who serves on the committee, stated he become stunned to learn about the layoffs while the Legislature just gave the branch a $30 million appropriation.

“The $30 million handiest assured we should meet payroll through the give up of the monetary year 2018,” said Tony D. Sellars, a spokesman for Oklahoma State Department of Health. “There are still additional steps that need to take vicinity to get the corporation on the sound economic footing on an everlasting basis.”

Rep. Bobby Cleveland, R-Slaughterville, a member of the panel, said he wants to understand why the mismanagement of $30 million wasn’t detected faster and what steps may be taken to prevent it from taking place at different businesses.

“There appears to be no control over companies,” Cleveland said.

Rep. Donnie Condit, D-McAlester, is also a member of the panel.

“I am going to enter it with open thoughts,” Condit stated.

Another member, Rep. Mark McBride, R-Moore, echoed Condit’s remarks.

“I do now not want it to be a witch hunt,” McBride said, adding that he does have some questions that need to be responded.

Cockroft said he didn’t accept as true with the panel’s investigation might reproduction efforts already underway by means of State Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones or Attorney General Mike Hunter.

He turned into also requested approximately why the House wouldn’t put off its probe till the audit and different research are finished.

Cockroft stated lawmakers and the public have questions that need to be responded right away.

Rep. Cory Williams, D-Stillwater, has been a noisy critic of Republican leadership in the House.

He stated Hunter and Jones are better ready than the panel to investigate.

Williams stated the panel’s investigation could be used to strengthen the placement of some Republicans that the nation has a spending hassle, now not a revenue problem.

Fallin these days set a Dec. 18 date for a 2nd special session to remedy a price range hollow created when lawmakers illegally passed a $1.50-a-p.C. Tax on cigarettes.

Following the first special session, Fallin vetoed the bulk of an invoice that used coins and company cuts to fill the hole, pronouncing it didn’t offer long-term solutions. She saved intact temporary investment for fitness and human provider companies.

Fallin and participants of the Senate have recommended growing taxes on items along with cigarettes and gasoline to provide sales for kingdom services.

Personal Trainer – Your Best Friend on the Road to Fitness

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