Creating a Performance Culture in Sports and Business through Trophies and Recognition

Getting awarded or receiving recognition from others is always a great feeling. Winning in any field motivates the winner and the participants to improve next time. Whether for sports, business, or personal compliments, recognition from others is something we all cherish and work hard for. Trophies, plaques, medals, and other award products are a spectacular way to credit others’ efforts. Even though a pat on the back or verbal appraisal also does the job, giving away something tangible to someone he can hold and something that will last a lifetime makes sure the gratifying effect can be remembered for many upcoming years. Trophies and plaques also present much more than the rewarding feeling of giving and receiving recognition. They set up behaviors that guarantee future success and can advantage the presenter and the trophy or plaque recipient.

Creating a Performance Culture in Sports and Business through Trophies and Recognition 1

If you move into any successful sports team clubroom, you will see the numerous awards decorating their walls and cabinets. Trophies, cups, shields, and plaques are a lasting reminder of past successes. These all add to the culture within the club. People feel great when they get a trophy for their efforts or success, and armor-plated behavior is always more likely to occur in future events.

This leads to a ‘ratchet effect’; rewarded people will build on past success and continue with the rewarded behaviors, allowing them to achieve even higher goals and praise. Trophies and plaques displayed on their walls and shelves are a testament to their success and motivation for them to do even better next time; each award adds a step up on the ratchet. Other teams competing for the same prizes must take their efforts and hard work to another level. This leads to the ratchet effect across all groups in the league. Overall, this is better for the spectators and players as the standard of competition rises yearly.

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