How to learn PHP in Hindi?

This article will discuss all PHP learning ins and outs, like what PHP is and how to learn PHP. In the present era, technology is advanced, and the online market is at the peak. You must wonder to know how these sites are designed. You must think about the same if you have a website and it is good to know about it as it is the time of the internet. There is an ample number of websites created every day in today’s era, so it is better to go through the PHP tutorial in Hindi.

People use such online sites to widen their business reach or make some handsome amount of money either from personal blogs or sites. You will get a lot of income through such websites that you can’t imagine in your dreams. But do you know how easy is it to design such websites? It would be best if you thought of some of the famous websites available on the web, such as Instagram, Facebook, Flipkart, Amazon, and so on. They all use some programming languages to design the websites, and these languages are known as Web-based Programming languages.

By the way, many languages are there from which a site has been made. One such language is PHP that is used by the best and famous social media handle, Facebook. So, let us know how to learn PHP in Hindi. Move forward and know about the same in detail below.


What do you mean by PHP?

In simple words, the full form of PHP is Hypertext Pre-processor. The language is the only open-source language across the world. Some also call this language “Scripting Language,” and it is used in designing websites as we mentioned above. It is a kind of server scripting programming language because it is managed through the language server. Under this language, there are some codes like other languages C, C++ as well as Java. Either a code or a program is managed inside the system. As we clarified earlier, it is used to design and develop websites, so it is a web-based programming language. Let us learn PHP in Hindi.

You can use this language at zero cost. It is a powerful language to run a blog or personal. You must hear of the name of the website building platform “WordPress,” developed and designed from the language itself. With the help of this platform, some of the giant websites get operated.

What exactly PHP mean, and where is it used?

You may also get aware of this language’s power as it has designed many behemoth websites around the globe. Facebook is a perfect quintessential of this language and how perfectly it works to attract audiences from all across the world. Hypertext Pre-processor is a server-side Scripting programming language and also popular as an open-source General Purpose Programming Language. The language is used for the development of the websites too and not for designing only. This language is embedded with HTML, because of which some of the new features can also be added to it.

The main highlight of this language is that it uses a “Dynamic website” for designing purposes. When the user requests any browser to the web page based on learning PHP in Hindi, it appears in the code as resides under the coding. This is the procedure inside the PHP module that is installed in the PHP code. HTML output gets generated HTML output that you can see within the web browser.

The types of web pages

Let us know about the different web pages and how they work on diverse pages through PHP learning. You have learned some of the technical terms that you need to keep in mind while learning other concepts about this language. Move further and begin with the same below.

  • Programming language

It is also a kind of language, as we have talked about earlier. But the computer can’t understand the language that human speaks and thus, these languages, such as PHP, has created to let the system understand what we want them to create or design for us. You can call it a communication language for computers, and these are named as programming languages. These languages are used to design software or site inside the computer, such as Basic, C, C++, COBOL, PHP, HTML, Java, and FORTRAN. Programs have been written in different languages.

  • General Purpose Programming Language

From computer software, different types of software have been used in General-Purpose Programming Language. Various domains need various languages. For instance, if you want to make calculator software for a system, you can go for Java and C++. However, if you want to design a website, you need to go with PHP in Hindi or any other HTML language. Due to this, these languages are known as Domain Specific Language.

Scripting Language

This is another category of programming language. Likewise, some other languages are listed first, and then they use further. Without compile, you can also run this scripting language. The script comprises programs or various instructions that are executed either through a web browser or web server. Some scripting languages are PHP, Python, and Perl.

Static Web Page

As the name implies, it is a type of web page that remains as it is. When a normal page cannot change, then it is categorized as a static web page. Some of the examples are Contact us and About us. You can access more about this by accessing how to insert Hindi text in MySQL database using PHP.

Dynamic Web Page

It is the perfect opposite of a static web page, and you can easily understand what it exactly means. As the content changes on some webpages and these are categorized as dynamic web pages. Dynamic pages are changeable as they can adopt frequent changes. The best example of this type of webpage is the shopping pages, as it appears different for all users.

This is all about language, and now, you may get to know how to learn PHP in Hindi.