Top 3 Myths about Armored Vehicles

Armored vehicles have seen tremendous growth over the past few years. The armor of advanced technology on the car to save from threatening attacks is commendable. With crime on the high rise, these vehicles are the best bet during road travel.

Top 3 Myths about Armored Vehicles 1

The businesses resort to armored vehicles to transport large amounts of money and other valuable assets from one place to another. The toughened glasses, bomb protection, and provision of ram bumpers are some major features that make these vehicles lighter and stronger than other ordinary vehicles. Also, an armored vehicle is constituted to protect your precious items and loving family members from any unpredictable terrorist attack.

But before you can realize the other benefits of an armored car, the myths around the whole concept have to be busted for you. Here are some common beliefs that have to be transcended–

Myth 1: Only the rich can afford an armored vehicle

Armored vehicles are not meant for government officials, politicians, and the rich crowd. With increasing risk levels, the scenario has changed over time. Even a commoner with a well-justified reason can own it after getting permission and a license.

The small-scale businesses that once assumed that only giant companies could avail of the service now face the reality that any business person can own armored vehicles irrespective of the scale of business operations. Making daily deposits at the bank can put the employees in a vulnerable position, and hiring an armored car can save them from all these unnecessary risks.

Myth 2: There is no difference between a bulletproof vehicle and an armored vehicle

This is the most widely believed myth among most people out there. They think a bulletproof car and an armored car are the same. Though both vehicles are used for safety purposes, they are slightly different.

A bulletproof car is resistant to bullets and not bulletproof. The consequences can vary depending on the ballistic steel reinforced and the type of gunfire shot at the vehicle. On the other hand, an armored car is bulletproof and loaded with ammunition for a counter-attack.

Myth 3: The original car is dismantled, and the windows cannot open

Yes, your existing car has to undergo the dismantling stage to get fully armored, but that doesn’t imply that it will disfigure your vehicle. The parts are torn down, and then ballistic steel and bulletproof glass reinforcement happen. After that, the car is revived to its original form.

For people who think that armored windows cannot be opened, here is the reality check – the bulletproof glass on the windows is composed of polycarbonate and leaded glass. It doesn’t affect the running up or down of the window. The use of Windows is intentionally limited for security purposes.

Now that you have gained enough insight into the facts, you can better evaluate an armored vehicle’s protection level and sturdiness.