Choose Hotels for Your Extended Stay with Budget Hotels

Have you ever felt that most hotels burn a hole in your pocket and do not even have the basic amenities to satisfy you? Extending a stay at such places become no more than a burden, and people who generally travel on business trips can relate to this problem better than anyone else. Many hotels boast about their ‘Luxurious’ facilities on their websites and pamphlets, but all they hold is substandard rooms, poor service, and leaking taps, but this is not the picture for every hotel.

Choose Hotels for Your Extended Stay with Budget Hotels 1

Many of the budget hotels provide rooms and packages for extended stays, which could be as long as a couple of months at reasonable prices, so you get the amenities of a hotel for the period of time you are staying in the town. The substitute for extended and long-term stays, however, are very few. Residing with a friend or a distant family member would make you feel like a burden to them. On the other hand, you would not be able to rent an apartment for such a short period. The only viable alternative left for this type of stay is either residential or budget hotels.

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Before renting a room in a budget hotel, there are many things to be kept in mind:

Ø Reviews: Multiple websites should be considered to check the reviews of people who have already stayed in the particular budget hotel. The most common being TripAdvisor, can be consulted for the same where the ambiance, location, service, and amenities are rated differently. You can prioritize the parameters you want the most and check accordingly. For instance, your basic priority is the location, but the price doesn’t matter to you; you might check the reviews regarding location only.

Another point to be kept in mind is that don’t let a single bad or good review influence your mind. Rating a hotel’s service is highly subjective, and one may unnecessarily boast or criticize the hotel. Thus always take a cumulative average, to be sure. Further, the reviews on the hotel website might give a one-sided picture only, and only the good reviews might be published on the website.

Ø Amenities: Make sure that the hotel has the amenities that you require the most. Many budget hotels would not have the luxurious amenities you demand, but good enough to do the drill. If you are on a business trip and just there for a short stay, amenities like a gym or pool could be just worthless for you. A bigger and spacious room, good location and restaurant and better service are what you should look for.

However, if you are here to enjoy, you might look for budget hotels with pools, activities, games, and a multi-cuisine restaurant.

Ø Price: The third parameter to select a budget hotel could be the hotel rooms’ tariff. Many budget hotels charge according to occupancies; this could be a big boon for single travelers, as they might not have to spend excessively high. Comparing the tariff online on different websites could be another trick to save some money.