How To Choose A Pressure Washer Nozzle

Although choosing the correct pressure washer equipment for your purpose is quite demanding, it does terminate the need for you to learn more about its mechanism. This is a crucial step as you would have to use the pressure washer in such a manner that you get the best results out of it. The pressure washer’s nozzle is probably the most vital part of its structure. It is a veritable determinant of the kind of wash you get from a session of use and regulates the equipment’s cleaning power. Depending on the purpose, many washer nozzles, ranging from brass soap nozzles, foam nozzles, and steam nozzles to rotary nozzles and duct cleaning nozzles.

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If the washer nozzle you currently use is not suited to your objectives, it will not yield the results you would like to witness. If this is the case, your pressure washer would still leave a layer of dust on the cleaned surface despite being washed vigorously.

Enumerated below is a comprehensive guideline that wtoyou settle down on the nozzle best fthat best suitsneeds.

Degrees of Washing

Several degrees of nozzles are available on the market, each with its specific use. First, the zero-degree nozzle cleans and washes debris such as tar, glue, tough stains, and accumulated dirt and mud. The 15° nozzle is employed for preparing paint, washing off debris from construction sites, and removing growth from marine equipment. The 25° nozzle is for general cleaning of debris from surfaces, including mud, grime, and dirt. The 40° nozzle can be deployed for the washing and rinsing of vehicles, components of houses like roofs and windows, and boats. Lastly, the black nozzle is a low-pressure detergent that uses a wider spray to apply soap.

Rotary Turbo Nozzles

These nozzles are more powerful than the standard pressure washer nozzle. They incorporate ceramic in their structure, which makes them durable and resilient to wear and tear. They also have a high blasting power, making them ideal for paint prepping, stripping, and cleaning tough stains.

Brass Soap Nozzles

These nozzles have an average pressure of 500 PSI, which is constructed so that it is resistant to damage and wear and tear, making it a sustainable product. The soap and chemicals will be used in smaller quantities to optimize the cleaning power. This nozzle is ideal for soap and wax application and rinsing.

Sewer Nozzles

Sewer nozzles are built to reach the inaccessible corners in pipes, reaching up to 8000 PSI. They are used extensively in train cleaning, pipe cleaning, hydro drilling, and sewer cleaning.

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