Taiwan rainbow ‘lasts record-breaking

A rainbow may be a wondrous sight; however, it’s also fairly fleeting for most people.

But the remaining week, professors and college students of the Chinese Culture University in Taipei’s mountains were dealt with for one that lasted nine hours.

“It turned into top-notch… It felt like a gift from the sky… It’s so rare!” said Chou Kun-Hsuan, a professor in the college’s Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

Taiwan rainbow 'lasts record-breaking 1

Prof Chou and a second professor, Liu Ching-Huang, led the efforts to document the rainbow with the department’s students and the campus community’s assistance.

Their observations, pics, and video recordings confirmed the rainbow lasted from 06 fifty-seven until 15:55 – eight hours and 58 minutes.

If confirmed, it’d shatter the preceding record for the longest-lasting rainbow, set in Yorkshire, England, on 14 March 1994.

According to the Guinness World Records, that rainbow lasted six hours, from 09:00 to fifteen:00.

According to the Guinness Internet site, rainbows commonly close in less than an hour.

After 4 hours, we mobilized all our college students and notified everyone to take snapshots and send us pix,” Prof Chou said.

“When we broke the preceding report after passing six hours, I hardly ever could live seated for lunch; it was around lunchtime. I became so excited; I wanted to ensure we captured the rainbow. But it did something even more first-rate; it beat the previous record by some other 3 hours!”

Prof Chou said that the professors and department had been geared up to seize the rainbow because they’d recorded a rainbow lasting about six hours the preceding Monday.

The department is gathering all the evidence to apply for the Guinness record.

“With the 10,000 photographs we took in our department alone, and the various more taken by using others on campus and those living close by, I’m confident we can show to Guinness 2nd by using 2nd that this rainbow lasted for 9 hours,” Prof Chou stated.

The conditions that made the rainbow ultimate goodbye have been a seasonal northeast monsoon that trapped moisture within the air, forming clouds, daylight, and an enormously slow wind velocity of two.5-5 meters in step with 2nd.

Such atmospheric conditions are commonplace in winter in Taipei’s Yangmingshan mountain variety. Prof Chou stated that the campus is located, making it a perfect place for recognizing lengthy-lasting rainbows.

He delivered: “I plan to touch the Taipei City tourism department to promote this, ‘You could see a 9-hour rainbow in Taipei in the winter; it’s first-rate! Come to Taipei!'”

How To Break Every Sales Record In Your Company

There aren’t any excuses for lost income…

But, if you are like me, you have given plenty. Among my preferred are the following:

“I simplest get awful leads.”

“I don’t have sufficient time.”

“I cannot make a person do something.”

“I’m having an awful month.”

Most of the time, we use excuses in a location of properly-honed technique. Instead of installing the electricity to master the basics of sales and constantly improve, we’d rather invent some other creative motive of why every force within the international is towards us meeting our quota.

Here’s a secret…(It is a freebie, so there is no need to ship cash.)…The primary purpose why salespeople lose income is…


Yes, salespeople sabotage themselves all the time. Consider the final time you visited your preferred retail shop to prove it. Did an employee rush as much as you and ask, “Can I assist you with something?”

Of direction they did. They do it each time. Why? Because some well-meaning executive demands, they attack every consumer with this question. Why? Because it works, however, handiest on occasion. Most human beings spit back an automatic reaction of “No. Just searching.” This brief communique frequently takes place that most folks don’t even ought to consider.

What does this need to do with breaking income statistics?

Oh, simplest the whole thing.

To damage each income document for your corporation, you have to grasp three areas of your sales procedure:

1. Qualifying
2. Questioning three
. Reversing

Taiwan rainbow 'lasts record-breaking 2

I’ll assume you are acquainted with the first two regions. So allow’s bounce proper in, we could?

Qualifying: Selling to humans maximum probably to shop for

My company believes that most salespeople waste time with folks who won’t purchase, can not, or may purchase in the future. If you need to interrupt information (and you wouldn’t be studying this in any other case), you ought to determine right here that you will by no means change the time for nothing. You have to promise yourself and your family that you will proactively and strategically sell most effectively to the potentialities with the best probability of saying sure.

How do you identify these prospects? By getting to know the artwork of qualifying. In essence, this vicinity blends into the thinking area. However, to acquire the level of achievement you desire, it’s important that you separate the two regions for your thoughts. Qualifying well is the first step in the direction of breaking income facts.

To qualify, comply with these tested steps:

1. Define your ideal patron. What might your perfect prospect look, experience, trust, say, and say? They could have the energy and cash to buy your service or product. Get as particular as feasible because you could best target your excellent opportunities if you recognize a way to spot them. Go in advance. Could you take a minute and write it down? For instance, for a furnishings salesperson, the appropriate patron might be someone who needs brand-spanking new furniture with the cash and electricity to make a purchase right away. In the first-rate condition, this man or woman would be looking for the form of furniture the shop clerk can offer and want to do shopping for a decision as soon as feasible.

2. Develop a chain of qualifying inquiries to identify this ideal client. The fixtures shop clerk would possibly ask: “What sort of fixtures are you looking for?” “When do you want it?” “Is there anyone else who needs to approve of this object before making a decision?” And so on. You get the photograph. I can’t overemphasize the importance of this place in dramatically growing your closing ratio.

Taiwan rainbow 'lasts record-breaking 3

Three. Spend a maximum of some time promoting your maximum likely customers (and their referrals, of course). Manage your day and your schedule by using these potentialities. Chase the alternative, less likely prospects, but only after you have serviced the pinnacle precedence clients.

Master the Art of Questions

To a seasoned salesperson, that this place is vital is not any marvel. However, most salespeople, even surprisingly paid ones, still stumble now and then with questions. Questions direct the minds of your clients and keep you on top of things. To break income records, you need to do each certainly. Interested? I concept so.