Readers’ suggestions: Which bank is the nice choice for foreigners in Denmark?

The Local requested that its readers proportionate their guidelines about which financial institution gives the best account for foreigners in Denmark. Here’s what they had to mention.

Readers' suggestions: Which bank is the nice choice for foreigners in Denmark? 1
Which bank is the best desire for foreigners dwelling in Denmark?
The most popular desire amongst the responses we obtained turned into Nordea, part of a big Nordic financial organization.

Why Nordea?

“English provider was properly. Accounts had low expenses, and their mortgage offer has become the nice, overall,” Gareth Bristow, who lives in Copenhagen, wrote.
A reader in Horsens, who did not provide their call, also mentioned correct English capabilities among Nordea personnel.

“It became the most effective financial institution that agreed to open me an account when I arrived in Denmark almost eight years ago. Also, anyone there speaks English and is willing to assist,” the commenter wrote.
Other human beings responding to our questionnaire named top customer service, help with mortgages, and few unexpected costs as reasons to select Nordea.

Were any other financial institution bills recommended?

Danske Bank and Vestjysk Bank have also been endorsed as accurate banks for foreigners to open Danish accounts.
In the former’s case, an excellent English-language website and app changed into considered a triumphing feature with the aid of a couple of readers.
At Vestjysk Bank, customer service became praised.

“They are constantly equipped and eager to assist, which as an ex-pat, I ought to see hardly ever with the other banks that I attempted,” wrote Saleh, who lives in Esbjerg.

Are any bank readers encouraged to head off?

Although some recommended it, Danske Bank was. Additionally, the bank is often noted as the only one to avoid. Our readers mentioned costs charged by using the bank as the maximum commonplace reason for this.
In popular, readers counseled to be sure you ask approximately any fees you might be vulnerable to pay earlier than opening a bank in Denmark, including annual expenses and prices for ATM withdrawals.
What different advice was given?

According to our readers, the essential step you should take before opening a bank is to sign up as a resident in Denmark and be issued with a non-public registration (CPR) wide variety.
“You need a (registration) number first; that could take many months to get hold of. Without that, you’ll battle to do many things, which includes establishing a financial institution account,” Bristow wrote.

“Without a bank account, you cannot get hold of an income. Additionally, banks are much more loathe to provide credit scorecards with a credit line. I even have notable credit score records with an awesome activity but have now not provided a credit card (with credit line) when I signed up,” he introduced.
Gareth Bristow additionally supplied a few beneficial comments approximately saving and borrowing with Danish banks.

“The imperative lending fee could be meager, as it’s far throughout Europe, meaning savings bills provide meager returns. On the opposite side, home loans are very reasonably priced and reachable. Given this and the tax structure, I strongly propose buying a home faster in case you plan to make Denmark your house,” he wrote.