5 Things to Check before Hiring a Wooden Flooring Expert

If you’ve decided to install hardwood flooring in your home, you’ve made a great decision. Nothing can match the beauty and grandeur of hardwood, and its durability further makes it the best option for flooring.

The flooring of your house plays a vital role in setting your place’s tone and overall appearance. Wood is considered one of the most appealing and aesthetically beautiful choices of all the different materials. Hardwood has always remained a popular choice among homeowners for various reasons. This stunning material comes in numerous styles with infinite color options. Picking the best one is difficult, but finding the right installer is even more important. This is because the flooring contractor you hire will greatly impact the quality of the installation process.

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As you know, installing wooden floors is not a DIY project. So, finding an expert installer is necessary to ensure long-term satisfaction with your new feet. It largely depends on the flooring contractor how wonderful your floor looks and how it performs over time.

So, what exactly do you need to look for in a hardwood floor contractor? Here are some things to consider when hiring a wooden flooring expert.

1. Business License & Insurance Policy

The requirements for licensing vary from state to state. If your state requires the flooring contractor to obtain a license, you need to check this before hiring any professional. It’s crucial to check if their business is licensed and if they carry an insurance policy. If a company doesn’t hold an insurance policy, if one of the workers gets hurt, you will be held responsible for all of their medical bills and time taken off from work.

2. Check References & Online Reviews

A reliable flooring expert will have many happy customers. The best way to know the quality of their service is by checking their online reviews. Go online and research the company and read the complaints and testimonials of their clients. In addition to this, you should also ask the contractor to provide references of their past clients. You can frame a judgment about the contractor by speaking to at least three former customers.

3. Timber Species

Ask the contractor which timber is best according to your region’s climate. The wood you select plays a crucial role, so pick the right one. Some require a subfloor, while others don’t. The contractor you hire must know all the different types to help you choose the most suitable for your environment and climate.

4. A Detailed Written Quote

Once you have found a few reliable flooring experts, ask them to provide a written estimate. Don’t make a final decision based on the lowest quote only because, here, quality matters. The contractor you hire ultimately should give you a written contract that mentions the details about the entire project, such as the scope of work, material and installation cost, and deadlines for completing the work.

5. Services Offered

Numerous contractors claim to install hardwood floors, but not all are identical. An experienced and established contractor will specialize in floor installation and offer services beyond the building. Ideally, the flooring expert should provide installation, sanding/staining/finishing, deep cleaning, water damage repair, and refinishing hardwood floors. In addition to these services, the best companies also use a dust extraction system to evacuate the dust from your home. The contractors should ensure you aren’t left cleaning dust particles for months. They should perform clean up afterward, as well as take precautions.