Benefits of Plasma Cutter

A plasma cutter is a precision tool that is used to cut metals of any thickness. They work by sending an arc of electric current through a stream of inert gas at high speed. It is usually compressed air. The gas molecules are ionized by this electric arc, which turns a portion into a quite hot pot to cut the metal easily. Plasma torches cut the edges very neatly and cleanly with little or no debris. Moreover, the leftover is easy to remove.

Plasma cutters come with a variety of useful applications, which are explained below –

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1. Art Work –

Artists who cut design in metals use plasma cutters in their metal artwork to make precise cuts. These cutters let artists cut tricky shapes neatly. It cuts the edges with a high level of accuracy, making it easy for artists to cut fine lines and transform them into beautiful designs. It also helps to create stencils and templates for other uses.

2. Metal Repair –

Cutting crappy or busted welds with the help of a plasma cutter is much easier than other torch types. They are highly used by car service companies, racing, and demolition derby enthusiasts. Furthermore, farmers find it easy to repair their tractors, harvesters, watering tank, watering tank, and fencing with the plasma cutter.

3. Used by Contractor and Trade Worker –

Most of the plasma cutters are small and hence portable. It is the reason that most of the trade workers and contractors make use of it in their fields. It saves a significant amount of time and cost. Quick adjustments can be made onsite, making any work run smoother while accurate cuts save additional time.

4. CNC Plasma Cutting –

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and is used for automatic control of plasma torch. It allows computers and other motors and gears to make precise cuts on chunks of metals, metal sheets, and tubes.

In tubes, the CNC head is fixed, and the piece moves to make the cuts. CNC head can also tilt to make countersinks or chamfers.

CNC cuts are of two types:

  • Two dimensional
  • Three dimensional

Two-dimensional cuts are made on flat sheets of metal and include cuts of 90 degrees—the cuts are made very detailed and accurate. Plasma cutters have the ability to cut several parts on a 4×8 sheet of metal.

Three-dimensional is similar to two dimensional. The only difference is that plasma torch can be kept at any degree throughout any edge.

Safety while using Plasma Cutter –

While using the plasma cutter, safety is the most critical issue. Remember to wear safety goggles that protect against UV rays. It can help by protecting you from molten particles flying around and an electric arc. Other safety gears recommended for avoiding burns are welding helmets, heavy gloves, respirators, hearing protection, protective clothing, and proper footwear.